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24 Adar I 5781 / 8 March 2021

Torah Calendar

16-29 Adar 5781
February 28-March 13, 2021

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Attributes of the month of Adar: Ruling permutation of the letters of HAVAYAH are HEH-HEH-YUD-VAV contained in the final letters of four of the Hebrew words in Genesis 49:11, eeroH velashrekaH bniY athonO, "his foal..., and his ass's colt unto the choice vine". The month's corresponding letter is: KUF; Human attribute: LAUGHTER; Body Part: SPLEEN; Tribe: NAFTALI; Constellation: DAGIM (Pisces).

• When Adar arrives, we maximize SIMCHAH •

Sunday February 28 / 16 Adar

In Jerusalem and the other ancient walled cities (Mukafin), today is the main day for sending portions of food, Mishloach Manot, to friends and for the Purim feast, which is eaten in the later part of the day before sunset continuing into the night. Jerusalem thus continues celebrating Purim after everywhere else."...And she shall laugh on the last day".

On this day in the year 370 B.C.E. Cyrus King of Persia gave permission for the building of the Second Temple (Megillat Ta'anit).

Monday night-Tuesday March 1-2 / 18 Adar

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Alexander Zisskind (d. 1794), author of Yesod VeShoresh HaAvodah giving detailed explanations of all the prayers and Jewish Shabbat and festival observances.

Tuesday night-Wednesday March 2-3 / 19 Adar

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yosef Chayim Zonennfeld (1849-1932), Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.

Friday night-Saturday March 5-6 / 22 Adar
Shabbat PARAH

Torah reading: Parshas Ki Tisa concluding the laws of the Sanctuary and its construction and telling the story of the Golden Calf and its aftermath.
Special additional reading: Parshat PARAH, Numbers 19:1-22 dealing with the laws of the Ashes of the Red Heiffer and purification from defilement from the dead. This is in memorial of the ritual purification of the people in preparation for going up to the Temple on the coming festival of Pesach. Haftara: Ezekiel 36:16-38 describing the consolation and purification of Israel at the end of days.

Sunday March 7 / 23 Adar

On this date Moses in the wilderness began the seven days of inauguration of the Sanctuary and the Priests prior to the dedication of the Sanctuary on 1 Nissan. In our time, the coming seven days are auspicious for preparing ourselves for the coming New Year of 1st of Nissan a week from today, a time of spiritual and physical renewal.

Tuesday March 9 / 25 Adar

According to the opinion of Rabbi Yehoshua that the sixth day of creation was on 1 Nissan, today corresponds to the first of the six days of creation, enhancing the potential for spiritual growth in preparation for the coming festival of Pesach.

When you clean out your cupboards preparing for Pesach, don't throw away unwanted clothes and other items without first thinking if they might be of use to others. Many organizations are happy to take such items and give them to the needy.

Thursday March 11 / 27 Adar

Since Rosh Chodesh Nissan falls on Sunday, the preceding Yom Kippur Katan ("the small Day of Atonement"), which cannot be held on Shabbat, is brought forward to today. Many fast from dawn until nightfall and/or engage in self-examination and repentance, reciting special prayers, and where possible journeying to pray at the graves of the Tzaddikim.
Today is a particularly auspicious day for offering prayers for one's livelihood (SheLaH).

Friday night-Saturday March 12-13 / 29 Adar
Shabbat HA-CHODESH, "The Month"

This Shabbat we read the double portion of Vayakhel, Exodus 35:1-38:20 and Pekudey, Exodus 38:21-40:38, detailing the construction of the Sanctuary in the wilderness and the laws of its inauguration.
Special additional reading, Parshat HaChodesh, Exodus 12:1-20 giving the laws of the month of Nissan and the festival of Passover in preparation for the coming season of our Redemption. Special Haftara from Ezekiel 45:17-46:18 about the inauguration of the Future Temple.
After the synagogue Torah reading we bless the coming month of Nissan. Rosh Chodesh is on Saturday night-Sunday March 13-14. The Molad (junction of the sun and the moon) will be on Shabbat March at 19:03 and 5 chalakim p.m.

Chodesh Tov UMevorach!!! Have a Good and Blessed Month!!!

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