Avraham's Tent

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Dedicated to the memory of R' Yaakov b'R' Moshe Eliyahu
& M' Esther Malka bat R' Avraham Yehoshua (peace be upon them)
Most loving and devoted parents, guides and teachers

Online Texts for Classes

Hebrew-English Online Torah Texts: Sefaria Library of Jewish Texts

Teachings of Rabbi Nachman:
Complete Hebrew Text of Likutey Moharan Part I (PDF)
Hebrew-English online Likutey Moharan

Other Online Study Aids

English TaNaKh (Bible) Jewish Publication Society translation
Mechon Mamre Free online Hebrew texts

Prayers on Entering & Leaving the Study Hall

Prayer on entering

May it be your will, O Lord my God and God of my fathers, that no mishap should occur on my account and that I should not stumble in any matter of Halachah, but let my friends rejoice in me! Let me not call that which is impure pure or that which is pure impure; nor that which is permissible forbidden nor that which is forbidden permissible. And let my friends not stumble in any matter of halachah but let me rejoice in them! For "God will give wisdom, from His mouth is knowledge and understanding" (Proverbs 2:6). "Open my eyes that I may see wonders from Your Torah" (Psalms 119:18).

Prayer on leaving

I give thanks before You, O Lord my God and God of my fathers, that You have set my portion with those who sit in the study hall and You have not set my portion with those who sit on street corners. For I rise early and they rise early, I rise early for words of Torah while they rise early for vain matters. I labor and they labor. I labor and receive a reward but they labor and receive no reward. I run and they run. I run to the life of the World to Come while they run to the pit of destruction, as it is written: "And you O God bring them down to the pit of destruction, men of blood and treachery, they shall not live out half their days but I shall trust in You" (Psalms 55:24).