Avraham's Tent


Here you can listen to Chassidic Meditation Melodies and stories of the Torah sages with music and sound effects, or download audio MP3s of classes on Prophecy & Wisdom (Hebrew Bible), Principles of Torah Law (Mishnah), The Laws of Shabbat and The Kabbalah Code of the Torah.

Chassidic Meditation Melodies

Lecha Dodi
Me-eyn Olam Haba
Binu Bo-arim
Yambah Dance Melody
Rabbi Nacham's Chupah Melody
Ke-ayol Taarog
Adon Olam

Stories of our Sages

Everything is for the best
This too is for good
The boy and the king
Respect for all
The Golden Table
The Shabbat Cow
Uninterrrupted prayer
The Herb of Life
The Fox and the Wolf
David son of Yishai

Prophecy & Wisdom (NaKh)

Archive of MP3 audio classes on the original Hebrew Biblical texts with verse by verse analysis of their meaning and relevance for our times including Daniel's End-Times Visions, key sections of the Book of Proverbs and the entire Book of Job

Principles of Torah Law (Mishnah)

Archive of MP3 audio classes on the Mishnah, tractate by tractate, with clear elucidation of the Hebrew text and the Torah legal concepts it contains

Shabbat Observance

66-part audio course on the Laws of Shabbat based on Kitzur Hilchot Shabbat by Rabbi Jacob Posen, Dayan of Congregation Kehillat Adat Yeshurun NY

The Kabbalah Code of the Torah

48-part audio course on how the holy names and other biblical terms allude to the Ten Sefirot. Based on Shaarey Orah, "Gates of Light" by Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla

When a person is confronted by many details but lacks understanding of how they relate to one another or fit into a general system, it is intellectually unsatisfying and highly burdensome… The opposite is true when a person understands something in relation to its context. Seeing it in its wider framework, he can go on to grasp other associated concepts, and his success will bring him pleasure and elation… One's goal should be to attain knowledge of general principles. In its very nature each general principle includes many details, so that when a person grasps a general principle, he automatically grasps a large number of details.

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto ("Ramchal"), The Way of God, Introduction