Avraham's Tent

Shabbat Observance

MP3 audio course on the laws of Shabbat based on Kitzur Hilchot Shabbat by Rabbi Jacob Posen, Dayan of Congregation Kehillat Adat Yeshurun NY

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Course Segments

1 Shabbat: Sign of Faith and Trust; Honoring Shabbat 22m

2 Kindling the Shabbat lights: Who lights? Where? Oil or wax? 25m

3 The obligation to light. Time of candle-lighting. If one forgot 24m

4 Prayers, Delights and Meals of Shabbat 46m

5 Kiddush 53m

6 Two Loaves; Havdalah 40m

7 Melachah: The 39 forbidden labors of Shabbat - Introduction Pt I 49m

8 Melachah: The 39 forbidden labors of Shabbat - Introduction Pt II 40m

9 The 39 forbidden labors listed and categorized 26m

10 Zore'a: Planting 15m

11 Choreish: Plowing 12m

12 Kotzeir: Harvesting 24m

13 Me'ameir: Gathering Sheaves 9m

14 Dash: Threshing, Squeezing juices 42m

15 Zoreh: Winnowing; Boreir: Sifting & Selecting Pt 1 55m

16 Boreir: Sifting & Selecting Pt 2 34m

17 Boreir: sifting & selecting Pt 3 28m

18 Tochein: Grinding; Meraked - Sieving 37m

19 Losh: Mixing and kneading dough or batter 45m

20 Opheh: Baking and Cooking Pt I 46m

21 Opheh: Baking and Cooking Pt II, Gradations of heat 1h3m

22 Opheh: Baking and Cooking Pt III, Miscellaneous practical laws 24m

23 Keeping the Shabbat food warm I: Sh'hiya, leaving pots on fire before Shabbat 36m

24 Keeping the Shabbat food warm II: Chazara - returning a pot to the fire 20m

25 Keeping the Shabbat food warm III: Hatmana, covering pots to retain heat. Washing in hot water 21m

26 Gozeiz: Shearing, cutting hair 16m

27 Melaben: Bleaching, laundering Pt I 27m

28 Melaben: Bleaching, laundering Pt II 27m

29 Separating fibers, dyeing, spinning, preparing the loom, the weaving process 25m

30 Kosheir-tying knots & Matir-untying 25m

31 Tofeir: Sewing 16m

32 Kore'a: Tearing 12m

33 Tzad: Trapping, hunting 15m

34 Shoheit-Slaughtering, taking life & Mafsheet-Skinning, flaying 17m

35 Me'abeid: Tanning, working leather 19m

36 Memaheik-smoothing, smearing; Mesarteit-scoring, marking; Mehateikh-cutting 24m

37 HaKoteiv: Writing 20m

38 HaMoheik: Erasing 11m

39 Boneih-building & Soteir-demolishing Part I 38m

40 Boneih & Soteir Part II: Ohel Ar'ai-temporary roofing 25m

41 Boneih & Soteir Part III: Demolishing, taking apart, opening cans and packaging 22m

42 Makeh b'Patish-striking with a hammer, the last touch; repairs & adjustments 21m

43 Children's toys and games on Shabbat 16m

44 Rabbinic decrees protecting from coming to fix utensils on Shabbat 22m

45 Fire: Mekhabeh-Extinguishing & Mav'eer-Kindling 18m

46 When is it permitted to cause a fire to be indirectly extinguished? 16m

47 When fire endangers life or property 21m

48 Carrying on Shabbat I: The Four Domains 27m

49 Carrying on Shabbat II: The Eiruv 29m

50 Carrying on Shabbat III: Definition of the act of carrying and its components 30m

51 Carrying on Shabbat IV: If one forgot and carried out on Shabbat 25m

52 Carrying on Shabbat V: Carrying a child in the public domain; Garments & ornaments 22m

53 Carrying on Shabbat VI: Medical dressings, handkerchiefs, keys etc. 31m

54 Resting and feeding animals on Shabbat 9m

55 Honouring the Shabbat Part I 27m

56 Honouring the Shabbat Part II: Not speaking as we do on weekdays 46m

57 Giving work to a non-Jew before Shabbat 14m

58 Muktzeh I: Items that may not be handled on Shabbat 39m

59 Muktzeh II: Detailed laws of different kinds of Muktzeh 50m

60 Muktzeh III: Laws of the base on which a muktzeh item is standing 35m

61 Muktzeh IV: Money found in pocket on Shabbat; moving muktzeh indirectly 34m

62 Muktzeh V: Practical applications 34

63 Dealing with life-threatening situations on Shabbat 29m

64 What is permitted in cases of non-life threatening illness on Shabbat? 28m

65 Minor ailments; pain relief; medications for healthy people; needs of small children 25m

66 How far outside the town may one walk on Shabbat? 51m