Avraham's Tent

The Kabbalah Code of the Torah

MP3 audio series on how the holy names and other biblical terms allude to the Ten Sefirot. Based on Shaarey Orah, "Gates of Light" by Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla"

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Course Segments

1 General Introduction to the series 6m

2 Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla's Introduction to Shaarey Orah 45m

3 First Gate 1: Malchut, Kingship; ADNY and Brachah 1h

4 First Gate 2: The Well; B'er Sheva; Sea of Wisdom; Shechina; Temple 1h15m

5 First Gate 3: Shechinah, Israel, Sanctuary, Justice with kindness, David, Eagles 1h18m

6 First Gate 4: Hand Tefilin, Koh ("thus"), Tree of Knowledge, Land of Living, Book of Life 1h18m

7 First Gate 5: Zot; Oral Torah; Assembly of Israel; Land of Israel; Bride. Names of Malchut according to influence from above 1h7m

8 Second Gate 1: Yesod, Foundation, channels blessing to Malchut 54m

9 Second Gate 2: Good, Peace, Remembrance, Shabbat 54m

10 Second Gate 3: Redemption and prayer; Shabbat and its three meals 38m

11 Second Gate 4: Covenant of the tongue and the flesh; Oaths 1h9m

12 Second Gate 5: Ki tov ("for it is good"); laws and statutes - chok and chukah 55m

13 Second Gate 6: Mt Zion, Mt Moriah, Mt Seir 33m

14 Second Gate 7: Kol - "all"; the Mighty One of Jacob, rejuvenation; the lower kindness 58m

15 Second Gate 8: Prayer rises through Yesod, joining all the levels 42m

16 Third & Fourth Gates 1: Netzach & Hod Introduction; Prophecy; Judgment 1h18m

17 Third & Fourth Gates 2: Yachin & Boaz; Sh'hakim (lower heavens); sources of prophecy 1h11m

18 Third & Fourth Gates 3: Kavanah - Directing one's prayers for health, children and livelihood 45m

19 Third & Fourth Gates 4: Counsel, decrees and their nullification; Holy holy holy 1h10m

20 Fifth Gate 1: Tiferet, Beauty - HaVaYaH (HaShem, The Name, "Tetragrammaton") 44m

21 Fifth Gate 2: HaShem joined with other names; 10 Sefirot unified in HaShem 55m

22 Fifth Gate 3: HaVaYaH contains all the divine names 48m

23 Fifth Gate 4: The other names and titles are garments of HaVaYaH 37m

24 Fifth Gate 5: The 3 columns, 30 Titles, 70 Angels & 70 Nations 55m

25 Fifth Gate 6: The 70 Angels, 70 Nations and the Mystery of Circumcision 43m

26 Fifth Gate 7: HaVaYaH, Israel, the 70 Angels and 30 Titles 57m

27 Fifth Gate 8: Titles (kinuyim) of El and Elohim 1h13m

28 Fifth Gate 9: Titles (kinuyim) of HaVaYaH; Unity of the Merkavah-Chariot 1h3m

29 Fith Gate 10: The 4 elements & the Merkavah; more titles of HaVaYaH 50m

30 Fifth Gate 11: Emet-Truth, Tiferet-Glory, Da'at-Knowledge 57m

31 Fifth Gate 12: Da'at; 12 permutations of HaVaYaH, 12 Tribes & 12 Signs of Zodiac: 1h2m

32 Fifth Gate 13 (conclusion): Ani-I, Atah-You, Hoo-He; 22 Letters of Aleph Beit 55m

33 Sixth Gate 1: Elohim, attribute of Justice; consumption of animal meat; 32 pathways of wisdom 1h11m

34 Sixth Gate 2: Other gods-angels of the nations; the Heavenly Court 54m

35 Sixth Gate 3: Temple Offerings; consuming fire; darkness of hell; fear of Isaac 41m

36 Seventh Gate 1: El; Thirteen Attributes of Mercy 39m

37 Seventh Gate 2: Truth to Jacob, Kindness to Abraham 41m

38 Eighth Gate 1: Binah binds upper three with lower seven sefirot 50 m

39 Eighth Gate 2: Alignment of Binah with Malchut 45 m

40 Eighth Gate 3: Jubilee, Teshuvah, Upper Shechinah, Atonement, World to Come 54 m

41 Eighth Gate 4: The great Shofar; Tehilah, praise 59 m

42 Ninth Gate 1: YaH (Chokhmah-Wisdom) includes the top 3 sefirot and brings salvation 1h6m

43 Ninth Gate 2: Yesh-Substance, Chokhmah-Wisdom, Ratzon-Favor 1h9m

44 Ninth Gate 3: Omek-extreme depth or height; Machshavah-thought; Yir'ah-awe 1h9m

45 Ninth Gate 4: Yir'ah-Fear (exterior) & Reverence (interior); the Garden of Eden 1h7m

46 Tenth Gate 1: Ehyeh, the Crown; 13 Attributes of Mercy; overturning decrees 1h14m

47 Tenth Gate 2: Ani-Atah-Hu, I-Thou-He; Ayin-Nothing; Kedem-Before; Babylon 1h27m

48 Tenth Gate 3: Keter, the Crown; the White Head; Conclusion 49m