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Daniel & His End-Times Visions

MP3 audio classes on the original Hebrew Biblical texts with verse by verse analysis of their meaning and relevance for our lives and times

End-times visions of Daniel: Introduction
Daniel Chapter 1
Daniel Chapters 1-2
Daniel Chapter 2: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
Daniel 2: The dream and its meaning
Daniel 2: Edom & Ishmael in Nebuchadnezzar's dream
Daniel 3: The bones of the Valley of Dura
Daniel 4: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of the Mighty Tree
Daniel 5: The Writing on the Wall
Daniel 6: Daniel in the Lions' Den
Daniel 7: Introduction - Prophetic Images
Daniel 7: The Four Monsters and the Divine Judgment
Daniel 7: The Last Exile and the Final Redemption
Daniel 7: The Rabbinical Commentators
MALBIM's commentary on Daniel 7 Part I
MALBIM's commentary on Daniel 7 Part II
Daniel 8:1-12: The Ram and the Goat
Daniel Chapter 9: Introduction
Daniel Chapter 9: Translation and basic commentary
Daniel Chapter 9: Malbim's commentary
Daniel Chapter 10: Introduction and Translation verses 1-19
Daniel Chapter 10: Introduction to the commentaries
Daniel Chapter 10: Successive Tzimtzum of the Angel; Malbim's commentary
Daniel Chapters 10-12: Talmud on Angel Gabriel cast out then reinstated
Daniel Chapters 10-12: Historical background; Break-up of Alexander's empire; Second Temple struggles
Daniel Chapter 11: North vs. South
Daniel Chapter 11: Enter Rome
Daniel Chapter 11 verses 35-45
Daniel Chapter 12
End of Days calculations in Daniel chapters 8 & 12