Avraham's Tent

Laws of Kashrut:
Removal of blood from meat by salting & roasting

Based on Kitzur Shulchan Arukh Hilkhot Melichah, by Rabbi Aaron Pfeuffer

1 - The Torah prohibition of consumption of blood of animals & birds; Introduction to the laws of salting me
2 - "Blood of the soul" and "blood in the limbs": different degrees of prohibition
3 - When is a prohibited substance mixed in with kosher food considered nullified?
4 - If meat was cooked before having its blood removed
5 - Status of meat whose blood was not removed that was soaked in water for 24 hours or more
6 - If meat whose blood was not removed was soaked in very salty water or other strong liquids
7 - Laws of soaking meat in vinegar
8 - Four reasons for rinsing meat before the salting
9 - Proper procedure for rinsing meat before salting
10 - If meat was not rinsed before salting
11 - Laws of the water & vessel used in the rinsing
12 - After the first rinsing, before applying the salt
13 - What kind of salt and how to apply to the meat
14 - Each piece of meat must be covered with salt on all sides