Kabbalah & Mysticism

25 Questions & Answers about Kabbalah

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1. What is the Kabbalah?

2. What does the word Kabbalah actually mean? Are other terms also used for the same body of wisdom?

3. What does the Kabbalah consist of? What are the main branches of Kabbalistic knowledge?

4. Does Kabbalah address dreams, parapsychic phenomena, extra-sensory perception, out-of-body experiences, seeing the future, raising and connecting with souls and spirits, past lives, reincarnation, astrology, alchemy, cosmology, cosmogeny, the history of the world, extra-terrestrial life.?

5. How did the Kabbalah originate? Who invented it?

6. How did the Kabbalah develop?

7. Are there different Kabbalistic schools or sects? Is Chassidus a branch of Kabbalah?

8. Are some aspects of the Kabbalah shared with other major religions?

9. Does the Kabbalah change and develop? Is there a modern-day Kabbalah? What about Pop Kabbalah?

Why Study Kabbalah?

10. What is the object of investigating the Kabbalah? What will I gain?

11. Can Kabbalah help people improve their sex life? Make money? Win friends and influence people?

12. It seems like the study of Kabbalah was discouraged, and still is today. Why was the Kabbalah always kept secret? Why is it widely perceived as being dangerous and not to be dabbled with?

13. It is often said that one has to be 40 years old before embarking on the study of Kabbalah? Is this true?

14. What parts of the Kabbalah are "safe"?

Who should study Kabbalah?

15. Should everyone study the Kabbalah? Is it necessary? Who should and who should not study the Kabbalah? How will I know if it is for me? Are there other ways to know God?

16. Do you have to be Jewish or practice the Torah in order to study and practice the Kabbalah?

17. Can women study Kabbalah? What about children and teenagers?

18. Is it necessary to know Hebrew in order to study or understand the Kabbalah?

How do I go about studying Kabbalah?

19. What does the study of Kabbalah involve? Does it require practice? Is there a Kabbalistic way of life?

20. Can one study Kabbalah from books, or must one have a teacher? How do I find the right teacher? How can I know who is reliable?

21. I have heard people say that some well-known centers for the study of Kabbalah mislead and exploit people. What is your view?

22. Is there such a thing as being taught Kabbalistic wisdom by a spirit or soul?

23. Does the Kabbalah provide any shortcuts to spiritual growth and insight, such as through magical names?

24. If I want to study Kabbalah, what should I study?

25. Where should I start? Where do I go next?