Foundations of Wisdom

New 10-part in-depth English-language video course on the key concepts of the Kabbalah, presented by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum.

"Think good and it will be good!"

Mount Sinai: Accepting the Torah with Love

Watch archived videos on Azamra's YouTube channel or download audio MP3s here.


Short video illustrating Hassidic devotional dance reaching out to the Divine and drawing down blessing. Watch


Time for Yourself: Meditation; Hitbodedut; The Power of Words; Talking to Your Self and to G-d; Out Loud; In Practice. Read more

The Captive Child

The Captive Child (video) analyzing the status of the souls of Israel raised in alien surroundings yet craving Torah. Watch

Torah for the Nations

We are commanded to "know" the One G-d, but how can humans to attain apprehension of the Infinite G-d? Read more

Torah Spirituality Resources

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