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Torah for the Nations

Torah for the Nations provides teachings and resources from the Jewish religious tradition for people of all nations, backgrounds and beliefs.

All the materials on this site reflect “Orthodox” Torah Judaism and are based on the Hebrew Bible (“TaNaKh”, Torah, Prophets & Holy Writings), the Talmud, classic Torah law codes (Mishneh Torah & Shulhan Arukh), teachings of outstanding rabbinical sages of all generations, and the inner mystical Torah tradition (Zohar, Kabbalah and Chassidut).

This site is edited by Rabbi Avraham ben Yaakov under the supervision of leading present-day rabbinical authorities.

With God's help, as TORAH FOR THE NATIONS develops, materials will be added under the following categories:


Articles, comments, MP3's and videos on topics of importance to non-Jewish people who feel drawn to the Torah and its practices and seek authoritative practical guidance on how to follow the Torah path as it applies to them


Songs of praise and thanksgiving, joy and devotion that may be sung by people of all nations and backgrounds


A treasury of meditations, prayers and blessings for weekdays, Sabbaths, Festivals and other occasions

The Weekly Portions

Commentary on the weekly Torah readings of the Five Books of Moses drawing forth lessons relevant to people of all nations, backgrounds and beliefs.


Definitions and explanations of key terms used in the materials on this site


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TORAH FOR THE NATIONS and all other AZAMRA resources are available FREE on Internet for the benefit of people across the world who have no access to reliable Torah teachers and few resources to pay for this service.

AZAMRA depends entirely on voluntary charitable donations.

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