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3-9 Sivan 5777 • 28 May-3 June 17
Weekly Torah Portion: NASO
"The Festival of Shavuot, Season of the Giving of the Torah (Tuesday night May 30-Wednesday May 31 and, in the Diaspora, Thursday June 1) is the key to our entire Redemption, which comes about through our commitment-- all of us together -- to accept, study, teach, guard and practice the Torah! Happy Shavuot!!!"
Avraham ben Yaakov

SHAVUA TOV Live Hookup Sunday May 28: "From Sinai to Jerusalem"; AVRAHAM'S TENT Internet Kolel classes are scheduled this week on Sunday May 28 and Monday May 29 followed by a break for Shavuot, resuming again on Sunday June 4.

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