Avraham's Tent

A Social Contract for the Nations:
Torah Principles for a better world

By Avraham ben Yaakov

Those who would serve the One God must help, each according to his or her ability, to purify the world from the current flood of heresy, immorality, bloodshed, robbery, corruption in government and courts of justice and falsehood in the media.

This will be achieved by our acceptance of God's Covenant with humankind to follow the Seven Universal Laws of the Torah, so people will join together and help one another to find the truth and to recognize God.

  • Education to belief in the One God, Who is the God of Righteousness, and to distinguish between Right and Wrong
  • Meditation, prayer & devotion
  • Personal healthcare and fitness
  • The Way of the Land: Manners
  • Importance of family, bearing and rearing children; Respect for elders and teachers
  • Value and importance of education (in Torah for the Nations and in secular studies)
  • Critical thinking: Learning to distinguish between truth and falsehood and evaluate "information" coming via the mass media, Internet, etc.
  • The value of work, industriousness and honesty vs . corruption and deception in business
  • Renunciation of theft, robbery, violence, killing and warfare: Respect for others: renunciation of coercion
  • Civic responsibilities: Understanding of the role of government, the judiciary and police and the fight against corruption therein
  • Ethics of law, science, medicine, etc.
  • Leadership: Developing a Torah wise leadership, with training and certification