Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto ("RaMChaL"):
138 Openings of Wisdom

Opening 118

Leah - the hind parts of Imma and inner soul of Nukva

In the hind parts of Imma, which make up the Partzuf of Leah, lies also the inner soul - pnimiyut - of the Nukva.

Introduction to the subject of Leah.

In the hind parts of Imma, which make up the Partzuf of Leah, lies also the inner soul - pnimiyut - of the Nukva.

The Nukva divides into interior and exterior, and both are governed from Zeir Anpin, who is their active giver of influence (Heb. mashpi'a). These two levels of interior and exterior are considered as two Partzufim because each has its own purpose. The governmental order of the Nukva is double (Heb. kaphul) - the "Cave of MaKhPeLah". On the inside (Heb. pnimiyut) of things lies one great governmental order founded on Truth, while the external governmental order is a different order of government - and this is what is visible to the eye.

Even though all the other lights also have the aspects of interiority and externality, the essence of this phenomenon is found here. For there are two kinds of government in the lower realms deriving respectively from Arich Anpin and Zeir Anpin. Accordingly there are two Nukvas as one to receive their influence. The main thing is to separate the interiority from the externality on this level - the Sefirah of Malchut - where they become two Partzufim. This is because this is the Sefirah through which things are done, and the various works are very different from one another.

When the light of Yesod of Imma goes out to repair the hind parts of Imma to make them into a Partzuf, also included there is the interiority of the Nukva, which is in concert with Imma - like a mother and daughter. Thus Leah contains two aspects: the back parts of Imma, which take the name of Nukva, and also the actual interiority of the Nukva.

This is why it sometimes appears as if Leah is secondary, because Leah is intrinsically only the hind parts of Imma built up into a separate Partzuf. On the other hand Leah is of primary importance inasmuch as she also contains the inner soul of the Nukva.

The two aspects of Leah are thus as Nukva through consisting of the hind parts of Imma and as being the inner soul of Rachel. This distinction makes it possible to reconcile the teachings that give greater importance to Leah with those that give greater importance to Rachel.





Translated by Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Greenbaum
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