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11. Can Kabbalah help people improve their sex life? Make money? Win friends and influence people?

The Torah is called "a great, mighty tree. with sustenance for all in it" (Daniel 4:8-9). Without doubt, serious Kabbalah study carried out with the right attitude has the power to help a person in every area of life. On the other hand, it is wrongful and may even be dangerous to use the Kabbalah as a means of attaining material goals and worldly ambitions.

Sexuality: Those searching for a "Tantric" Kabbalah must understand that while the Kabbalah is replete with erotic imagery, the central concept of zivug - "pairing", the union of the male and female aspects of Godliness - is inseparably bound up with the Torah code of moral sanctity. Kabbalistic meditations during sexual intercourse are applicable only within the context of Jewish married life governed by the laws of Taharat Mishphachah (Family Purity). All sexual relations outside the boundaries of marital life are the complete negation of the Kabbalah moral code and are strictly forbidden. The use of any form of Kabbalistic meditations in such relations would be sinful and dangerous.

Money: Some have made money by peddling the Kabbalah in various ways. Some have tried to make money in other ways using what they consider to be Kabbalistic stratagems - frequently without success. The sages taught: "Don't turn Torah teachings into a crown with which to glorify yourself or a spade with which to dig" (Avot 4:5). The true kabbalists despised the pursuit of wealth, knowing that the only enduring riches a person can gain in this world are spiritual. The Kabbalah teaches that making an honest living is a virtue, and that our efforts to do so are blessed when set times for the study of the Torah and diligently fulfill its commandments.

Winning friends and influencing people: The pursuit of Kabbalistic knowledge in conjunction with study partners can be a good way to deepen one's understanding and develop good friendships. As a person refines his character through the practice of what he studies, so his relations with others improve. One who attains Kabbalistic wisdom and insight is in a good position to influence others, and should take the utmost care to use this power only for good.


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