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10. What is the object of investigating the Kabbalah? What will I gain?

The purpose of investigating the Kabbalah should be to come to know God and discover the true meaning of the Torah - God's teaching to man - in order to come to serve Him according to His will.

Kabbalah study can deepen our understanding of where God fits in with our view of the world, helping us better connect with God and refine and strengthen our faith in Him. Study of the Kabbalistic dimension of the Torah enhances our appreciation of its tremendous depth. Study of the mystical significance and intentions of the commandments can increase our motivation to fulfil them properly and invest our practice with greater depth and meaning.

The wisdom of the Kabbalah is very sweet, and its pursuit brings profound satisfaction. It is taught in the Zohar and by the later Kabbalistic sages that the Redemption and the restoration of prophecy and holy spirit will come about through the study of the Kabbalah.


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