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The original source of each of the teachings, sayings, tales and parables contained in this collection is cited with the text. The great majority were heard directly from the mouth of Rabbi Nachman and recorded, often immediately, by his closest disciple and scribe, Rabbi Nathan - Nosson - Sternhartz (1780-1844). "Were it not for Reb Nosson," said Rabbi Nachman, "not a single page of my teachings would have remained!" Other sayings and stories are drawn from oral traditions handed down from generation to generation by Rabbi Nachman's followers, the Breslover Chassidim, and printed as referenced below.

Alim LiTerufah Collected letters of Reb Nosson.

Avaneha Barzel Stories and teachings of Rabbi Nachman and his disciples collected by Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz (1903-1973).

Chayey Moharan "The Life of Rabbi Nachman", translated by Avraham Greenbaum as "Tzaddik" (Breslov Research Institute): Intimate biographical portrait of Rabbi Nachman by Reb Nosson including numerous conversations, information relating to the Rebbe's lessons, and many of his sayings, stories, dreams and visions.

Kochvey Ohr Stories and teachings of Rabbi Nachman and his disciples compiled by Reb Avraham Chazan (1849-1917), the son of Reb Nachman of Tulchin, who was Reb Nosson's leading disciple.

Likutey Halachot By Reb Nosson. 8-volume exploration of the laws of Shulchan Aruch (the code of Torah law) in the light of Rabbi Nachman's teachings, illumining all areas of Torah with the insights of Chassidut.

Likutey Moharan lit. "Gleanings of our Master, Rabbi Nachman": the primary collection of Rabbi Nachman's major Torah discourses with many shorter teachings. Extensive portions are now available in English translation with commentary from Breslov Research Institute. Some of the extracts from Likutey Moharan included in the present volume contain explanatory glosses added by Reb Nosson in his abbreviated version, Kitzur Likutey Moharan, or his Likutey Eitzot, translated by Avraham Greenbaum as "Rabbi Nachman's Advice" (Breslov Research Institute), a compendium of practical teachings from Likutey Moharan arranged by subject.

Netiv Tzaddik Letters of Reb Nosson b'Reb Yehuda, a student of Reb Nosson, who settled in Tiberias.

R. Yitzchak Breiter (1886-1943) An ardent, highly charismatic Breslover chassid who spread Breslover teachings in his native Poland prior to the holocaust, in which he lost his life.

Sefer HaMiddot lit. "The Book of Attributes", translated as "The Aleph-Bet Book" (Breslov Research Institute): A collection of striking aphorisms by Rabbi Nachman arranged by subject and containing the distilled wisdom of the Torah on all aspects of life.

Siach Sarfey Kodesh Anecdotes and teachings of Rabbi Nachman, Reb Nosson and the Breslover Chassidim with previously unpublished stories and sayings from the Breslover oral tradition. Transcribed by Reb Avraham Weitzhandler based on conversations with Reb Levi Yitzchok Bender (1897-1989).

Sichot Haran "Conversations of Rabbi Nachman", translated as "Rabbi Nachman's Wisdom" (Breslov Research Institute). Collected insights and practical guidance on all subjects, transcribed by Rabbi Nosson.

Sipurey Maasiot lit. "Tales of Deeds", translated as "Rabbi Nachman's Stories" (Breslov Research Institute). Thirteen major tales and some additional parables about kings, princesses, ogres, pirates, magical stones, singing animals and other amazing wonders conveying profoundest mystical secrets.

Sipurim Niflaim Anecdotes, teachings and previously unpublished stories of Rabbi Nachman collected by Reb Shmuel Horowitz (1903-1973).

Tovot Zichronot Breslover traditions compiled by Reb Avraham Sternhartz (1862-1955).




By Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Greenbaum
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