YOM KIPPUR -- The Day of Atonement:

1) The Day of Atonement contains all days and gives life to all days. On this day the heart is subdued. Our desire is for God alone. All kinds of disputes, spiritual or material, are resolved. Peace comes, bringing happiness and joy (179).

2) Yom Kippur concludes the process whereby the `seal of holiness' is secured and protected (See Rosh Hashanah 9).

3) On Yom Kippur we appeal to God to `Forgive!' This cry of `Forgive!' opens up the gate of the holiness of Chanukah, with its theme of the consecration of the Holy Temple (see Chanukah 4).

4) There is a custom of referring to the day after Yom Kippur as `the Name of God.' This is because the true greatness of God is revealed after Yom Kippur. On Yom Kippur God is reconciled with Israel and forgives them for all their sins. As a simple consequence, all harsh decrees and punishments are lifted, and it is through this that God's greatness is revealed (Likutey Moharan II, 66).

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