PESACH -- Passover:

1) The days of the month of Nissan are days of repentance like those of Tishrei (49).

2) Nissan embodies the concept of tikkun habrit, guarding the Holy Covenant. When you are joyous you can draw the spirit of Nissan, its joy and holiness, into the whole year. Thus you can make amends for abuse of the Covenant, and you will avoid impure experiences by night (Likutey Moharan II, 5:10).

3) The Haggadah which we recite on Pesach is a tikkun for the Covenant. The reason why it is recited aloud is because the voice arouses Da'at, the knowledge of God. So by reciting the Haggadah aloud we can experience a revelation of true Da'at. Da'at is itself the essence of redemption, because the exile in Egypt came about through the abuse of the Holy Covenant, which brought about the distortion of Da'at. The wine of the four cups which we drink on the first nights of Pesach is also a tikkun for Da'at and for the Holy Covenant (Likutey Moharan I, 20:10).

4) When you pray on Pesach you should cry out loud (201).

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