1) It is a very good thing to open the doors of your home to genuine Torah scholars who possess integrity as well as learning. Offering them hospitality will help you to deepen your own faith. This in itself helps to counter the prevalent lack of belief. Offering hospitality to genuine Torah scholars helps to make a tikkun for the `fallen Torah' which has passed into the hands of those who are learned but unscrupulous. The Holy Zohar refers to these scholars as `Jewish demons' (Zohar 3, 253a). They are the source of all the hostility to those who are truly God-fearing. The way to overcome this hostility is by offering hospitality to genuine Torah scholars (Likutey Moharan 28).

2) Everyone offers up bad prayers from time to time, and these prayers come back and confuse him when he stands up and tries to pray with devotion. Offering hospitality to Torah scholars is the tikkun for this (209).

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