1) A person who is sick can be helped by looking at the tzitzit (7).

2) A woman who loses a lot of blood and has no set period can be harmed by wine. Nevertheless, the cure for her is wine which a true Tzaddik has looked at (29).

3) Understanding brings peace, and peace is the source of healing. Therefore the remedy for sickness is devotion to Torah, which brings wisdom and the knowledge of God (56:6).

4) Immersing in the mikvah brings understanding and therefore healing (Ibid. 7).

5) It is best to rely only on God. Someone who does not, has no option but to devise all kinds of complicated methods of trying to get what he needs. If he is sick, for example, he may have to look for all kinds of special drugs and medicines, and often the ones he needs are not available where he lives, while those which are available are useless for his condition. But the goodness of God reaches everywhere. God has the power to cure all wounds and illnesses. He is always available. If you are ill, you should rely only on prayers and supplications. They are always available, and they will certainly help. If you depend on doctors and medicines you will have to do a lot of searching because you will have to look for the right doctor with the right medicines. And it is usually impossible to find them, because doctors do more harm than good (14:11).

6) When a person has no faith in the Sages there is no cure for his malady. The remedy is to make a vow and fulfill it at once. This will restore his faith in the Sages, and then he will be completely cured (57:2).

7) Sweating is a cure for fever (263).

8) The main cure for any illness depends on a redemption. The Torah only permits the doctor to heal after the redemption has been made. The redemption is necessary in order to sweeten the harsh judgements. Only then can the doctor help to cure the patient, not beforehand (II, 2:3).

9) Charity is a cure for all diseases (4:12).

10) There are people who suffer from the most terrible illnesses, God forbid. They are all caused by their inadequate faith. When faith is lacking, it can bring on the most terrible afflictions which can be cured neither by prayers nor through the merit of the Fathers. Even cries and groans of distress will not help, though in other cases the cries of the sick awaken God's pity. But when faith is lacking even this doesn't help. The only answer is to cry out from the very depths of the heart. This will restore one's faith and bring healing.

11) Anyone who wants to take care of himself should keep well away from physicians and doctors. They are notorious for the damage they cause (Rabbi Nachman's Wisdom 50).

12) Reciting psalms can help cure someone who is sick. But it needs strong trust in God, and then He will send help and the patient will be healed and rise from his sickbed (Rabbi Nachman's Wisdom 98).

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