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Shabbat Observance
Concise laws of Shabbat based on Kitzur Hilchot Shabbat by Rabbi Jacob Posen, Dayan of Congregation Kehillat Adat Yeshurun NY


1 Shabbat: Sign of Faith and Trust; Honoring Shabbat 22m
2 Kindling the Shabbat lights: Who lights? Where? Oil or wax? 25m
3 The obligation to light. Time of candle-lighting. If one forgot 24m
4 Prayers, Delights and Meals of Shabbat 46m
5 Kiddush 53m
6 Two Loaves; Havdalah 40m
7 Melachah: The 39 forbidden labors of Shabbat - Introduction Pt I 49m
8 Melachah: The 39 forbidden labors of Shabbat - Introduction Pt II 40m
9 The 39 forbidden labors listed and categorized 26m
10 Zore'a: Planting 15m
11 Choreish: Plowing 12m
12 Kotzeir: Harvesting 24m
13 Me'ameir: Gathering Sheaves 9m
14 Dash: Threshing, Squeezing juices 42m
15 Zoreh: Winnowing; Boreir: Sifting & Selecting Pt 1 55m
16 Boreir: Sifting & Selecting Pt 2 34m
17 Boreir: sifting & selecting Pt 3 28m
18 Tochein: Grinding; Meraked - Sieving 37m
19 Losh: Mixing and kneading dough or batter 45m
20 Opheh: Baking and Cooking Pt I 46m
21 Opheh: Baking and Cooking Pt II, Gradations of heat 1h3m
22 Opheh: Baking and Cooking Pt III, Miscellaneous practical laws 24m
23 Keeping the Shabbat food warm I: Sh'hiya, leaving pots on fire before Shabbat 36m
24 Keeping the Shabbat food warm II: Chazara - returning a pot to the fire 20m
25 Keeping the Shabbat food warm III: Hatmana, covering pots to retain heat. Washing in hot water 21m
26 Gozeiz: Shearing, cutting hair 16m
27 Melaben: Bleaching, laundering Pt I 27m
28 Melaben: Bleaching, laundering Pt II 27m
29 Separating fibers, dyeing, spinning, preparing the loom, the weaving process 25m
30 Kosheir-tying knots & Matir-untying 25m
31 Tofeir: Sewing 16m
32 Kore'a: Tearing 12m
33 Tzad: Trapping, hunting 15m
34 Shoheit-Slaughtering, taking life & Mafsheet-Skinning, flaying 17m
35 Me'abeid: Tanning, working leather 19m
36 Memaheik-smoothing, smearing; Mesarteit-scoring, marking; Mehateikh-cutting 24m
37 HaKoteiv: Writing 20m
38 HaMoheik: Erasing 11m
39 Boneih-building & Soteir-demolishing Part I 38m
40 Boneih & Soteir Part II: Ohel Ar'ai-temporary roofing 25m
41 Boneih & Soteir Part III: Demolishing, taking apart, opening cans and packaging 22m
42 Makeh b'Patish-striking with a hammer, the last touch; repairs & adjustments 21m
43 Children's toys and games on Shabbat 16m
44 Rabbinic decrees protecting from coming to fix utensils on Shabbat 22m
45 Fire: Mekhabeh-Extinguishing & Mav'eer-Kindling 18m
46 When is it permitted to cause a fire to be indirectly extinguished? 16m
47 When fire endangers life or property 21m
48 Carrying on Shabbat I: The Four Domains 27m
49 Carrying on Shabbat II: The Eiruv 29m
50 Carrying on Shabbat III: Definition of the act of carrying and its components 30m
51 Carrying on Shabbat IV: If one forgot and carried out on Shabbat 25m
52 Carrying on Shabbat V: Carrying a child in the public domain; Garments & ornaments 22m
53 Carrying on Shabbat VI: Medical dressings, handkerchiefs, keys etc. 31m
54 Resting and feeding animals on Shabbat 9m
55 Honouring the Shabbat Part I 27m
56 Honouring the Shabbat Part II: Not speaking as we do on weekdays 46m
57 Giving work to a non-Jew before Shabbat 14m
58 Muktzeh I: Items that may not be handled on Shabbat 39m
59 Muktzeh II: Detailed laws of different kinds of Muktzeh 50m
60 Muktzeh III: Laws of the base on which a muktzeh item is standing 35m
61 Muktzeh IV: Money found in pocket on Shabbat; moving muktzeh indirectly 34m
62 Muktzeh V: Practical applications 34
63 Dealing with life-threatening situations on Shabbat 29m
64 What is permitted in cases of non-life threatening illness on Shabbat? 28m
65 Minor ailments; pain relief; medications for healthy people; needs of small children 25m
66 How far outside the town may one walk on Shabbat? 51m

Kabbalah Code of the Torah
How the holy names and other biblical terms allude to the Ten Sefirot. Based on Shaarey Orah, Gates of Light by Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla


1 General Introduction to the series 6m
2 Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla's Introduction to Shaarey Orah 45m
3 First Gate 1: Malchut, Kingship; ADNY and Brachah 1h

4 First Gate 2: The Well; B'er Sheva; Sea of Wisdom; Shechina; Temple 1h15m
5 First Gate 3: Shechinah, Israel, Sanctuary, Justice with kindness, David, Eagles 1h18m
6 First Gate 4: Hand Tefilin, Koh ("thus"), Tree of Knowledge, Land of Living, Book of Life 1h18m
7 First Gate 5: Zot; Oral Torah; Assembly of Israel; Land of Israel; Bride. Names of Malchut according to influence from above 1h7m

8 Second Gate 1: Yesod, Foundation, channels blessing to Malchut 54m
9 Second Gate 2: Good, Peace, Remembrance, Shabbat 54m
10 Second Gate 3: Redemption and prayer; Shabbat and its three meals 38m
11 Second Gate 4: Covenant of the tongue and the flesh; Oaths 1h9m
12 Second Gate 5: Ki tov ("for it is good"); laws and statutes - chok and chukah 55m

13 Second Gate 6: Mt Zion, Mt Moriah, Mt Seir 33m
14 Second Gate 7: Kol - "all"; the Mighty One of Jacob, rejuvenation; the lower kindness 58m
15 Second Gate 8: Prayer rises through Yesod, joining all the levels 42m

16 Third & Fourth Gates 1: Netzach & Hod Introduction; Prophecy; Judgment 1h18m
17 Third & Fourth Gates 2: Yachin & Boaz; Sh'hakim (lower heavens); sources of prophecy 1h11m
18 Third & Fourth Gates 3: Kavanah - Directing one's prayers for health, children and livelihood 45m
19 Third & Fourth Gates 4: Counsel, decrees and their nullification; Holy holy holy 1h10m
20 Fifth Gate 1: Tiferet, Beauty - HaVaYaH (HaShem, The Name, "Tetragrammaton") 44m
21 Fifth Gate 2: HaShem joined with other names; 10 Sefirot unified in HaShem 55m
22 Fifth Gate 3: HaVaYaH contains all the divine names 48m

23 Fifth Gate 4: The other names and titles are garments of HaVaYaH 37m
24 Fifth Gate 5: The 3 columns, 30 Titles, 70 Angels & 70 Nations 55m
25 Fifth Gate 6: The 70 Angels, 70 Nations and the Mystery of Circumcision 43m
26 Fifth Gate 7: HaVaYaH, Israel, the 70 Angels and 30 Titles 57m
27 Fifth Gate 8: Titles (kinuyim) of El and Elohim 1h13m
28 Fifth Gate 9: Titles (kinuyim) of HaVaYaH; Unity of the Merkavah-Chariot 1h3m
29 Fith Gate 10: The 4 elements & the Merkavah; more titles of HaVaYaH 50m
30 Fifth Gate 11: Emet-Truth, Tiferet-Glory, Da'at-Knowledge 57m
31 Fifth Gate 12: Da'at; 12 permutations of HaVaYaH, 12 Tribes & 12 Signs of Zodiac: 1h2m
32 Fifth Gate 13 (conclusion): Ani-I, Atah-You, Hoo-He; 22 Letters of Aleph Beit 55m
33 Sixth Gate 1: Elohim, attribute of Justice; consumption of animal meat; 32 pathways of wisdom 1h11m
34 Sixth Gate 2: Other gods-angels of the nations; the Heavenly Court 54m
35 Sixth Gate 3: Temple Offerings; consuming fire; darkness of hell; fear of Isaac 41m
36 Seventh Gate 1: El; Thirteen Attributes of Mercy 39m
37 Seventh Gate 2: Truth to Jacob, Kindness to Abraham 41m
38 Eighth Gate 1: Binah binds upper three with lower seven sefirot 50 m
39 Eighth Gate 2: Alignment of Binah with Malchut 45 m
40 Eighth Gate 3: Jubilee, Teshuvah, Upper Shechinah, Atonement, World to Come 54 m
41 Eighth Gate 4: The great Shofar; Tehilah, praise 59 m
42 Ninth Gate 1: YaH (Chokhmah-Wisdom) includes the top 3 sefirot and brings salvation 1h6m
43 Ninth Gate 2: Yesh-Substance, Chokhmah-Wisdom, Ratzon-Favor 1h9m
44 Ninth Gate 3: Omek-extreme depth or height; Machshavah-thought; Yir'ah-awe 1h9m
45 Ninth Gate 4: Yir'ah-Fear (exterior) & Reverence (interior); the Garden of Eden 1h7m
46 Tenth Gate 1: Ehyeh, the Crown; 13 Attributes of Mercy; overturning decrees 1h14m
47 Tenth Gate 2: Ani-Atah-Hu, I-Thou-He; Ayin-Nothing; Kedem-Before; Babylon 1h27m
48 Tenth Gate 3: Keter, the Crown; the White Head; Conclusion 49m

Teachings of Rabbi Nachman
Inspirational lessons and practical guidance from teachings and stories by the Rebbe and his leading followers

Tsohar: the Light of Truth
1 Window of Light: You can always connect to God's truth 9m
2 Lesson of Tsohar: the main points, from Kitzur Likutey Moharan 31m

3 Prayer is the source of our vitality and influences all levels of creation 1h1m
4 Seeing the openings in the darkness 39m
5 The desert traveller that sniffed the earth to know which way to go 26m
6 Prayer & Miracles vs. the Law of Nature: The difference between Israel and Egypt 45m

7 The Lesson of Tsohar (Likutey Moharan I:112): The radiant light of Truth 28m

Garden of the Souls: Rabbi Nachman on Suffering (Likutey Moharan 1:65)
1 Introduction; the Master of the Field; Speech; making one out of our prayers 27m
2 Tachlis - the goal of life and all creation; transcending suffering 21m

3 Conclusion: Boaz and Ruth - mind & soul; future dance of the righteous 39m

The Deeper Meaning of Purim (Likutey Halachot, Orach Chaim, Purim 1)
1 Deeper Meaning of Purim I 60m

2 Deeper Meaning of Purim II 37m


MP3 audio series
Reb Avraham Greenbaum
Based on teachings of Reb Nosson of Breslov in his classic Likutey Halachot With full Overview.

Click here for Likutey Halachot class archive


The 10 Pulses & 10 Kinds of Song:
The Torah Healing Pathway

Class at Ohr HaTorah Los Angeles 9 March 2011

The Kabbalah of Music
Manhattan JCC Sunday February 7
Teachings from Zohar and Rabbi Nachman on the secrets of melody and song with piano-vocal renderings of melodies by outstanding Tzaddikim.

The Path of the Kabbalist
Manhattan JCC Sunday February 7
Rabbi Chayim Vital's Introduction to Etz Chayim detailing 30 conditions for attaining kabbalistic wisdom and holy spirit with discussion on their applicability

Rabbi Nachman and the Illuminati
Cafe Classico 35 W. 57th St. NYC Monday February 8
The unique relationship between the Chassidic master and three leaders of the Haskalah movement in early 19th century Ukraine helps us unravel his masterplan to build a bridge between traditional Judaism and the modern world.

The Kabbalah of Money
Manhattan JCC Tuesday February 9
Lean times have forced many to make fundamental changes in attitudes to money, livelihood, wealth and their lack. This class explores Torah guidelines on healthy approaches to getting money matters into the proper perspective and enjoying what we have.

The Torah Pathway of Healing
Moharan Center Montreal Thursday February 11
Exploring the doctrine of the Ten Pulses and the redemptive power of the Ten Kinds of Melody on which the Book of Psalms is based to revive and heal the spirit.

Unmasking Purim
Jewish Learning Exchange Los Angeles March 2, 2011
Chassidic wisdom helps us peel off the outer comic mask of Purim to reveal inner secrets about this end-of-days festival heralding personal, national and global redemption.

SHAVUA TOV Sunday Hookups

Paradise or Pardes?
As we embark on the eight-week "ShOVaVIM-TaT" period of Teshuvah culminating in the Torah readings about the giving of the Torah and building the Sanctuary, it is timely to consider where our Teshuvah leads, the Torah concept of Paradise and the four levels of Torah interpretation signified by the Hebrew word "PaRDeS", a garden or orchard.
Sunday December 27 2015

Spring or Winter?
With Chanukah behind us and five years on since the start of the "Arab spring", many people find themselves entering the so-called "season of good cheer" contemplating a world sinking deeper and deeper into gloom and darkness. This week, as Torah-lovers prepare to conclude our reading of the book of Genesis, we need to ask if this is the threshold of Armageddon or the Final Redemption?.
Sunday December 20, 2015

The Lights of Chanukah
The entire world more than ever needs to see, grasp and understand the unique light of peace, joy and truth that radiates on the festival of Chanukah (December 6-14) attesting to G-d's unvanquishable power to save and redeem us.
Sunday November 29

Proud to stand with Israel
As we learn in this week's Torah portion, God gave Jacob the name Israel and God takes pride in Israel, His first-born son. Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. With the Middle East and and all the world in turmoil, we must ask: Who are the real Israel and what are the boundaries of the land God has promised them?
Sunday November 22

Sacred Dance
With the world in turmoil all around is, there is nothing better for us to do than dance for a time each day in honor of G-d, and it's also very healthy! Today we will study Rabbi Nachman's profound teachings on the Kabbalah of Dance.
Sunday November 15

Does G-d really hate Esau?
"...I loved Jacob, and I hated Esau" (Malachi 1:2-3). How could it be that G-d would hate some of His creations? Are we expected to do the same? What place does hatred have in the Torah pathway?
Sunday November 8

Religion is a bind?
The "Binding of Isaac" (Genesis ch 22) is the defining moment of Israel's bond with G-d through the Torah. What does it mean to bind ourselves to G-d and how do we do it?
Sunday October 25

Human Justice or Divine?
Faced with increasingly invasive secular laws, encroaching government & corporate bureaucracy and concurrent demands for submission to Sharia law, those seeking to build a better world will find hope in the path of Abraham, the first true revolutionary, who embraced and taught Derekh HaShem, the Way of G-d's Torah.
Sunday October 18, 2015

Starting the new cycle
As we simultaneously embark on the new Sabbatical cycle and the yearly cycle of Torah portions, our prophets and sages provide us with all we need to stand in the face of the spiraling worldwide hatred, violence and warfare.
Sunday October 11, 2015

The Coming World Order
As we move forward in 5776, "the year of ascents and ascents" as well as being the first year of the new 7-year Sabbatical cycle, we watch an unprecedented historical shift and a new world taking shape ever faster before our eyes, We need to know where we are headed and how to fulfill our true G-d-given mission.
Sunday August 30

Year's End Reckoning
As we stand at the end of year 5775 and prepare for the coming New Year 5776 and the new Sabbatical cycle, we pause for thought on where we are, where we are headed and how to face our challenges.
Sunday September 6 2015

Before the King
The climax of the daily prayer services is when we stand before the King of the kings of kings, Ruler of all. What is the significance the Shmonah Esray-Amidah (18 blessing standing prayer) and how does it relate to the Temple service?
Sunday August 30 2015

The songs of the angels
We now examine the third of the four sections of the Shacharit morning prayer service, the recital of the Shema affirmation of faith with its two preceding blessings and the blessing of Geulah ("Redemption") which follows it, leading into the fourth and climactic section of the service, the silent Amidah prayer.
Sunday August 23, 2015

On the Wings of Song
In our on-going study of the traditional Jewish prayers and their relation to the Temple services, we now examine the second section of the Shacharit morning prayers, the Psukey D'Zimra ("verses of song").
Sunday August 16, 2015

Beginning over - yet again
The world is spinning so fast into ever-intensifying end-times, we need to cry out to our Creator to enlighten us what is required of us now.
Sunday August 9, 2015

Israel's Prayer - 3 Sunday July 12 2015

Israel's Prayer - 2 Sunday July 12 2015

Israel's Prayer - 1 Sunday June 28 2015

Balance (Aramaic: "Math'kela") is a key concept in the kabbalistic explanation of the repair of creation. Understanding its meaning can help us come to terms with negative aspects of our lives so as to find true and lasting joy.
Sunday May 10, 2015

Alef Beit Part IV
As we begin this auspicious week of spiritual ascent, we will take a wider perspective on the Alef Beit examining some of the allegorical teachings about the letters contained in the Talmud and Zohar.
Sunday May 3, 2015

Alef Beit Part III
We examine how the basic building blocks of the Alef-Beit -- the dot and the line -- combine to shape the various different letters of the script of the Torah scroll, and we will consider some of the hidden secrets of these combinations.
Sunday April 26, 2015

Alef Beit Part II
We now consider the "5 exits of the mouth" and the different groups of "mother", "doubled" and "simple" letters, and then focus on the forms of the letters Aleph, Beit, Dalet, Heh and some other related letters.
Sunday April 19, 2015

Alef Beit Part I
We now start all over, going back to the beginning and studying the Hebrew letters on which the tapestry of the Torah is woven. Today we consider the foundations of all writing, and the mysteries of the dot, the center-point (nekudah - yod) and the line (kav - vav) which extends from it.
Sunday April 12, 2015

Let the holy cows go pop!
With the Exodus, the magic power of the Egyptian gods was broken. This week we will consider some latter-day holy cows that badly need deflating.
Sunday March 29, 2015

Time for Redemption
As we advance into the present month of Nissan, season of love and miracles, let our quest for personal redemption help bring the general redemption closer.
Sunday March 22, 2015

Jerusalem Calling Africa
Pesach, the festival of freedom from bondage, has a special significance for the long-oppressed people of Africa, where Moses was king before he became king of Israel (Sefer HaYashar). This week's hookup will address the extraordinary spontaneous awakening to Torah among individuals and groups in many parts of this great continent.
Sunday March 8, 2015

Buying and Selling Truth
With a wide array of "Kabbalah" pathways available in the contemporary spiritual and lifestyle marketplace, today's class will present some trusty practical tips to help navigate.
Sunday March 1, 2015

Blood Sacrifice
he latest rash of savage murders in the name of religion is a blatant challenge to many people's discomfort with the restoration of the Temple sacrificial system.
Sunday February 22, 2015

The Prayer Temple
As we wait and hope for the rebuilding of G-d's House of Prayer for all the Nations in Jerusalem, we must start by building a sanctuary in our hearts and in our homes.Uploaded Sunday February 15, 2015

Laws, laws, laws...
As legislators and governments strangle their populations with ever more complex and demanding regulations, the world chooses to ignore the divine system of Law in the Torah.
Uploaded Sunday February 8, 2015

A New Start
As we approach the coming festival of renewal on Tu B'Shvat (Tues evening-Wed Feb. 3-4) and Receiving the Torah in the weekly portion, Avraham ben Yaakov will discuss the recent wedding of his youngest son and his own quest for new direction at this time of global physical and spiritual war.
Uploaded Sunday January 11, 2015

Wedding Joy
With the marriage of our youngest son Nathan on January 20, Rabbi and Mrs Greenbaum would like to share our great joy so as to shine light into this benighted world.
Uploaded Sunday January 11, 2015

Exponential Growth
The Exodus from Egypt
- Israel's transformation from enslaved people into God's Nation - is the eternal paradigm of today's grass-roots revolution rapidly spreading across the world.
Uploaded Sunday January 4, 2015

Light Up The Darkness
Chanukah's vital message to a world darkened by neo-paganism, barbarianism and social & cultural breakdown
Posted Sunday December 14, 2014

Dreams and Squabbles
Joseph's dreams aroused nothing but antagonism in his brothers, but were eventually fulfilled, giving courage to all who endure persecution for fighting for truth.
Posted Sunday December 7 2014

What a home-coming!
Jacob's return to the Promised Land was accompanied by every trouble imaginable from his enemies and within his own family. What can this teach the Souls of Israel returning home today?
Posted Sunday November 30, 2014

Were the Patriarchs Moslem?
How are we to understand the real meaning of the frequently heard assertion that the Biblical patriarchs were "Moslem"?
Posted Sunday November 2, 2014

Abraham's Certificate of Conversion
There was not even one Jewish conversion board in Abraham's time, let alone dozens of different varieties, orthodox, conservative, reform, reconstructionist, messianic... With countless souls across the world awakening to the call of the Torah, it is time to re-examine "Who is a Jew?"
Posted Sunday October 26, 2014

Saving Civilization in a World Run Amok
Jewish and non-Jewish, all people need to study the Torah as it applies to them.
Posted Sunday October 19, 2014

Torah Study: What and How?
Jewish and non-Jewish, all people need to study the Torah as it applies to them.
Posted Sunday October 12, 2014

The Captive Child Part II
This class examines historical and Torah legal perspectives on Tinok she-Nishba, "The Captive Child" in order to throw further light on the spontaneous awakening of innumerable souls scattered across the world to an inexplicable sense of identity with Israel and yearning for the Torah.
Posted Sunday September 14, 2014

The Captive Child Part I
For deeper understanding of the present-day spontaneous awakening of innumerable souls scattered across the world to an inexplicable sense of identity with Israel and yearning for the Torah, this class examines Rabbi Nachman of Breslov's teaching in Likutey Moharan Part I Discourse 17 about the captive souls of Israel and how they return to their source.
Posted Sunday September 7, 2014

The Union of Tzaddik and Knesset Israel
In honor of the mystical festival of Tu B'Av (Sunday night-Mon Aug. 10-11) whose theme is Zivug, pairing, we examine the universal relevance of the concept that is the very lynch-pin of the Torah kabbalistic system through studying Opening 58 of Ramchal's 138 Openings of Wisdom.
Posted August 10, 2014

Mashiach wants us
It is said that Mashiach is "born" on Tisha B'Av (Monday night-Tuesday August 4-5). What does Mashiach want of us and what should we do for Mashiach?
Posted August 3, 2014

Why Cry? The Myth of the Tammuz god
As we approach the "Nine Days" (July 28-August 5), the Torah calendar's most intense period of mourning for the Holy Temple, whose customs have come under attack by a prominent present-day rabbi as if they verge on idolatry, we will examine the inner intent of these customs and how they should be observed in our time.
Posted July 27, 2014

Israel's Prophesied Boundaries
While the Israel Defense Forces campaign in Gaza, we examine the future boundaries of the Promised Land as defined in the Torah and by the prophets.
Posted July 20, 2014

The Covenant: Sexual Purity
Pinchas' zeal for HaShem's Covenant with Israel would today be widely seen as the summit of political incorrectness, and for this very reason we need to understand why HaShem Himself blessed Pinchas with His Covenant of Peace.
Posted July 6, 2014

Warding off the evil eye
Bilaam's jeaous eye glares at Israel as cruelly as ever, but the Torah teaches us ways to protect ourselves.
Posted June 29, 2014

Relearning how to see
The world is changing so fast before our very eyes that if we do not find new ways of understanding what is happening around us, we will be lost.
Posted Sunday June 22, 2014

The Benefits of Conflict
Even G-d is at war with those who hate Him, and while we ourselves seek peace, those who hate Him are at war against us, leaving us no option but to fight. How should we fight?
Posted Sunday June 15, 2014

Write them upon the tablet of your heart
Following our acceptance of the Torah on the Festival of Shavuot, our challenge is to inscribe G-d's Covenant in our very hearts.
Posted Sunday June 8, 2014

Time to Heal
This new month of Iyar is one of great healing, and we will study teachings of Rabbi Nachman for a world in desperate need of healing.
Posted Sunday May 4, 2014

Urgent Repairs: The Omer Count
As a new world opens up before our very eyes in the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere, the true soldiers of the Creator must treasure every day of the Omer count to steadily refine and perfect ourselves and G-d will fight our enemies.
Posted Sunday April 27, 2014

The hour of love is at hand
As we prepare to welcome Pesach, festival of liberation (April 14-21) we may see important developments in Israel and the wider world as growing signs of the coming redemption.
Posted Sunday April 6, 2014

Renewal: The Time of Redemption is Now
A world run amok needs radically new solutions, and we can find them by tuning into the tremendous spiritual power of the next 65 days.
Posted Sunday March 30, 2014

Matza means struggle
Cleaning our homes of chametz (leavened products) and preparing the Matza (unleavened bread) for the coming Pesach festival (April 14) must be accompanied by inner spiritual cleansing so we may lift our heads above the raging conflicts in the world around us.
Posted Sunday March 23, 2014

Moses and Mordechai
Purim is a time of receiving the Torah anew with Mordechai as the hidden Tzaddik who stirs all the people to repentance.
Posted Sunday March 9, 2014

The Three Points of Empowerment Part III
Only the light of the holy love that shines from the "power point" of the True Tzaddik has the power to heal the broken hearts of those who have gone astray and are sunk in degraded and unholy loves and desires.
Posted March 2, 2014

The Three Points of Empowerment Part II
In today's class we examine the kabbalistic depths of the teaching of the Three Points of Empowerment in Rabbi Nachman's original discourse in Likutey Moharan I:34 explaining how all the souls of Israel are rooted in the soul of the righteous Tzaddik.
Posted February 23, 2014

The Three Points of Empowerment
Each day and at every moment of our lives there is always a unique "point of connection" to which we can "plug in" and thereby gain deeper attachment to G-d at that moment. (Based on Rabbi Nachman, Likutey Moharan I, 34.)
Posted February 16, 2014

Who are the "mixed multitude"?
Posted Sunday February 9, 2014

The Priest, the King and the Tzaddik
and their roles in the future perfected order as foreseen by the prophets of Israel
Posted Sunday February 2, 2014

The House of Prayer for all the Nations: Why the World needs the Temple
The present world may seem far from being able to receive the Temple soon, yet healing will begin only if we keep focussed on the ultimate goal of humanity as seen by all the prophets of Israel.
Posted Sunday January 26, 2014

The Small Print: The Oral Torah
Those who believe one can follow the written text of the Torah without accepting the Oral Torah are simply deceiving themselves and shutting themselves off from God's truth.
Posted Sunday January 19, 2014

Accepting the Torah in our Time
Living in a world of rampant paganism in the guise of liberalism, accepting the Torah is a fearsome personal challenge requiring boldness, daring and determination to bring the practice of the Torah into our actual lives in the home, at work, with family, friends, associates and even complete strangers.
Posted Sunday January 12, 2014

Seventy Faces of the Torah Part I
Every soul of Israel is rooted in the Torah, but can only attain higher levels of knowledge and connection with G-d through first being subjected to an "exile" of inner conflict that may be overcome through prayer. (Psalm 20 and Likutey Moharan I:36).
Posted Sunday December 15, 2013

The War of Light and Darkness
After Chanukah, the war of light against darkness takes a new turn. Today"s class discusses how the modern version of Hellenism runs directly counter to the Torah concept of chavruta, spiritual friendship and mutual guidance and encouragement.
Posted Sunday December 8, 2013

The Lights of Chanukah
How the heroism of the Maccabees brought about a revelation of G-d's Thirteen Attributes of Mercy that continues to shine until today in our Chanukah Lights.
Posted Sunday December 1, 2013

Rear Attack
Kabbalah perspectives on why we're still hurting today from the angel's blow to Jacob's thigh, and how the Chanukah lights bring healing.
Posted November 10, 2013

Raising a family
The Torah narratives about Jacob and his wives and children are replete with vital teachings about the importance of family at a time when this fundamental institution is under attack.
Posted November 3, 2013

The Mothers of Israel
Just as the patriarchs are role models for all the men of Israel, so the matriarchs are models for all the women of Israel.
Posted October 20, 2013

The Binding of Isaac
The near-sacrifice by Abraham of his son Isaac undoubtedly had a different significance for father and son. While Abraham is often the more familiar biblical figure, we need to understand and develop the Isaac side of our souls.
Posted October 13, 2013

Abraham and his world
The world of Abraham bears striking parallels to our world today, and the way he rose to the challenges he faced is relevant to each and every one of his true children today.
Posted October 6, 2013

Prayer for a Civilized World
The earliest portions of Genesis challenge mankind to overcome murder, violence and crime, and the example of Noah teaches us that we may not cast off our personal duty to take responsibility for influencing the world for good.
Posted September 29, 2013

Revealing the Hidden Light
Today, the fourth day of the festival of Succot and 203rd anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, we will consider the importance of his legacy to the world.
Posted September 22, 2013

Time to Rejoice
After the great sweetening of God's judgment on Yom Kippur, we this week prepare for the coming festival of Succot (September 18-26), examining the true meaning of SIMCHAH, joy!
Posted September 15, 2013

Days of Awe
As we stand between KESSEH ("the hidden one"=Rosh HaShanah) and ASSOR ("the tenth"=10 Tishri, Day of Atonement), we consider the difference between true fear and awe of God as against the fears and terrors of the mundane world.
Posted September 8, 2013

The Call of the Shofar
As we stand on the threshold of the Days of Awe starting with Rosh HaShanah, the New Year, we will consider the message contained in the ancient ritual of blowing the ram's horn Shofar.
Posted September 1, 2013

Why we should study Maimonides' Mishneh Torah
Maimonides' lucid, authoritative, comprehensive Torah law code should be studied by all who yearn for Torah knowledge and understanding.
Posted August 18, 2013

King, Prophet, Priest and Rabbi: Leadership for the New World
The coming Torah portion of Shoftim deals with the sources of authority in society. How do these concepts apply in our time, and how will they apply in time to come?
Posted August 11, 2013

Kavanot of Elul
Teachings of Rabbi Nachman on the inner meaning of the month of Elul, when the Almighty's "hand" is stretched out in kindness to us to help us return home.
Posted August 4, 2013

Envisaging the Future Jerusalem
The weekly Torah portion of Re'eh invites us to take a long-term perspective on our personal future and that of the world, and to plan how we may accomplish our vital life-goals.
Posted July 28, 2013

Come, O breath, that we may live!
We may draw into ourselves the holy breath of prophecy through hitbodedut, secluded meditation and personal prayer, which is the "new path that is really the old, old path our fathers walked".
Posted July 21, 2013

The Humble King
"Over these I weep..." (Lamentations 1:16). In today's class we seek enlightenment and comfort for a dark, turbulent world from Rabbi Nachman's enigmatic story about a most unusual king.
Posted July 14, 2013

The Holy Temple: Delight of our Eyes Part II
Continuation of Rabbi Nachman's teaching on the Temple in Likutey Moharan Part II Discourse 67.
Posted July 7, 2013

The Holy Temple: Delight of our Eyes Part I
The Holy Temple is eye of the world, from which the providence of the Creator goes forth to all creation. In this class we study Rabbi Nachman's teaching on the Temple in Likutey Moharan Part II Discourse 67.
Posted June 30, 2013

The Golden Calf
Does the sin of the Golden Calf have relevance to our times? What does it mean and how can we repair it?
Posted June 23, 2013

Repairing Vision: The Month of Tammuz
The stories in the central portions of Numbers all involve flaws of vision and their repair, teaching us the need to overcome the distortions created by "spin" in the contemporary media through taking our stance in a place of joyous devotion to G-d alone.
Posted June 2, 2013

Journey to the Land
The Land to which we must journey is the Supreme World, which we reach through the Torah. Zohar teachings on how the stories and narratives of the Torah are a garb for the deepest secrets of creation.
Posted May 26, 2013

The Mountain of Humility
Together with the outer observances of the festival of Shavuot commemorating Receiving the Torah, the key element is attachment to the Tzaddik, the "Moses" figure who counsels us in how to apply the Torah in our lives.
Posted May 5, 2013

In search of the True Tzaddik (MP3 audio)
Pesach Sheni and the second half of the Omer count. The function of the High Priest in atonement. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Lag BaOmer. Rabbi Nachman on "Love your neighbor..."
Posted April 21, 2013

Correcting the flaws of speech, thought and action (MP3 audio)
Torah lessons on personal and communal healing, spiritual and emotional, drawn from the weekly portions of Omer period
Posted April 14, 2013

Iyar: Month of Healing (Video 14'29")
Secrets of the Divine Name that rules in the month of Iyar, calling us to seek out and know G-d through humbling ourselves
Posted April 14, 2013

Count-up to Sinai (Mp3 Audio)
Reflexions on the Counting of the Omer from 2nd day Pesach until the festival of Shavuot -- a period of day-to-day ascent up forty-nine levels until we reach the 50th level, Jubilee, the Giving of the Torah at Sinai which is the key to genuine freedom.
Posted April 7, 2013

Unraveling Leviticus (MP3 audio)
Verse by verse explanation of Leviticus chapter 11 dealing with clean and unclean species and the laws of purity and impurity.
Posted April 5, 2013

The Taste of Freedom
The inner spiritual significance of the search for chametz on the evening before the Pesach festival. Why is freedom mixed with pain and bitterness? Songs of the Pesach night Seder.
Posted March 17, 2013

Let My People Go
The Israelites in Egypt were enslaved not with ropes and chains but through the spells and mass hypnosis of the Egyptian magicians and sorcerers, while today the world is enslaved through the hypnosis of the media.
Posted March 10, 2013

The Sin of the Golden Calf
What was so bad about the sin of the Golden Calf and why is it relevant until today?
Posted March 3, 2013

Moses and Mashiach
In honour of 7th Adar, the day of birth and death of Moshe Rabbenu -- our teacher Moses -- we examine the connection beteen Israel's first redeemer and our awaited Mashiach.

Posted February 10, 2013

The Sanctuary in the Heart
As we embark on the lengthy sections of the Torah dealing with the Temple and its services, we must keep in mind that the most favored sacrifices are those of true repentance: "a broken spirit and a broken, crushed heart".
Posted February 10, 2013

Mysteries of the Law
The Ten Commandments and the entire Torah code are a hologram created by "black fire" on "white fire" in which each detail is in complete unity with every other, and the commandments governing our relationship with God cannot be separated from those that govern our behavior to our fellows.
Posted February 3, 2013

Sinai Beckons
Only a return to the Covenant at Sinai will save the world from devastation and desolation. But can the nations even hear God's invitation, let alone rise to the challenge?
Posted January 27, 2013

From Slavery to Freedom
Teachings on the meaning of the Pesach Lamb, Circumcision, the Tefilin and the crossing of the Red Sea in relation to the coming Shabbat Shirah and Tu BiShvat, "New Year of the Tree".
Posted January 20, 2013

The Pesach Lamb
The Torah portions and customs of the month of Shevat are a preparation for the festival of Pesach. which centers on partaking of the sacraments of the Four Cups of Liberation and the eating of Matza and the Pesach lamb.
Posted January 13, 2013

Facing today's plagues: Faith in a runaway age
The role of the Children of Israel in the Exodus was largely passive: the foundation of their freedom lay in their Emunah (faith), which is not a matter of mere belief or opinion but an active embrace of the kingship of G-d in all aspects of our lives and an acceptance of His Torah law, which may open our eyes to how He rules over His universe.
Posted January 6, 2013

Fast becomes Festival, Destruction is Rebirth
The prophesied future transformation of the fast of 10th Tevet into a festival (Zechariah 8:19) connects with its proximity to the winter solstice, heralding the start of the lengthening of the days and the steady ascent to springtime rebirth.
Posted December 23, 2012

Lighting up the Night
Hanukah Special: Sparks of G-d's truth are everywhere, for those with the courage to throw off the tyranny of political correctness and search for themselves.
Posted December 9, 2012

Forward to the Festival of Lights: Hanukah
19 Kislev is a preparation for Chanukah celebrating the victory of the Light of G-d's truth over HoShekh, ("darkness"), the Hamor ("donkey"), Shor ("ox") and Kelev ("dog").
Posted December 2, 2012

Esau and the Primordial Serpent
"You give truth to Jacob" (Micah 7:20).Jacob embodies the quality of truth, while Esau symbolizes the Angel of Death, whose consort is the Serpent, falsehood. Only the truth of the True Tzaddk can liberate the world from Esau.
Posted November 25, 2012

Abraham our father
Abraham teaches all seekers of G-d not to submit to the hypnotism of the surrounding society and culture but to think independently and serve G-d as if everything depends on them.
Posted October 21, 2012

Back to Babel
The Zohar shows how the Biblical stories of the earliest generations provide deep insights into the challenges of our times. Who are the true Gerim and who are the "mixed multitude"?
Posted October 14, 2012

The Goat of Atonement
With escalating military, cultural and ideological war rhetoric across the world, the people of Israel go to the synagogues on Yom Kippur to pray for all the world to join together in one band to serve the Unitary Creator, Whose attributes are graciousness, love, compassion, kindness and truth, and through Atonement, Israel will enter the Succah, Sanctuary of Faith.
Posted September 23, 2012

Finding the True Tzaddik V
G-d alone can judge the world with true compassion as He knows and takes into account the unique situation of each person, while the path of prayer brings the true Tzaddik to the ability to arouse G-d's compassion on the Day of Judgment, Rosh HaShanah.
Related text: R. Nachman's pathway of healing.
Posted September 9, 2012

Finding the True Tzaddik IV
The quest for the Tzaddik takes us along a pathway of inspired prayer that enables us to recognize the false leaders.
Related text: R. Nachman's pathway of healing.

Posted September 2, 2012

Finding the True Tzaddik III
The quest for the Tzaddik takes us to a pathway of healing through prayer which is the Messianic pathway. We must overcome three destroyers of prayer: despising others, trusting in idols and immorality. Related text: R. Nachman's pathway of healing.
Posted August 26, 2012

Finding the True Tzaddik II
To recognize the Tzaddik, we must rectify our material cravings to fill our hearts with fear of G-d, thereby opening ourselves to a prophetic spirit that redeems prayer.
Related text: R. Nachman's pathway of healing.

Posted August 19, 2012

I am my beloved's
In preparation for the coming month of Elul, season of Teshuvah (repentance) we commence studying Rabbi Nachman's outstanding discourse on Israel's ultimate destiny -- to "rule over the angels", which is accomplished through attachment to the True Tzaddik.
Posted August 12, 2012

Building the House of Prayer
The month of Av as time of rebirth and healing. Facing threats of military and cultural wars, recession and other ills with enhanced service of G-d.
Posted August 5, 2012

The Kabbalah and the Redemption
The spiritual potential of the month of Av is unlocked through study of Torah secrets, while also rebuilding the personal sanctuary -- taking proper care of our bodies, physical environment and material affairs.
Posted July 22, 2012

Under Compulsion II
Part II of Maimonides' Iggeret HaShmad (Letter on Forced Conversion) and his compassionate approach to those forced to live a lie in face of religious persecution.
Posted July 15, 2012

Under Compulsion:
Rambam on forced conversion Part I

Fast of 17th Tammuz; we should mourn over our present-day divisions. Rambam's Iggeret HaShmad and his compassionate approach to those forced to live a lie in face of religious persecution.
Posted July 8, 2012

The Good Eye vs. the Evil Eye
The arrogance, greed and twisted vision of Bilaam is visible in the evil eye directed against Israel and its people today, which needs to be countered with the good eye of wisdom and kindness.
Posted July 1, 2012

Yahrzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe; setting times for regular Torah study; we must all be emissaries of HaShem.
Posted June 24, 2012

Accepting the Kingship of Heaven
Acceptance of G-d's Kingship is the essence of Receiving the Torah and of the Messianic Kingship. This class includes full recital of Kabbalat Ol Malchut Shamayim of Rabbi Aharon Roth, the Shomer Emunim Rebbe.
Posted May 20, 2012

Towards Sinai: Preparing for the festival of Shavuot
Shavuot not only commemorates the Giving of the Torah at Sinai but also the birth and death of David, "sweet singer of Israel" and prototype of King Messiah.
Posted May 13, 2012

Pesach Sheni and Lag B'Omer
A discussion of the Second Passover (Numbers 9:1-16) and the significance of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, with study from Zohar on the Scroll of Ruth about the souls of Israel and the nations, and the souls of the converts.
Posted May 6, 2012

Grafting oneself into the Tree of Life
It is through submission to HaShem's Torah that the Ger Tzeddek (convert) and Ger Toshav (resident visitor) become rooted in the Tree of Life, each on his or her level, and thus ingrafted into Israel.
Posted April 29, 2012

So what if my grandfather was a Khazar?
The new month of Iyar is a time of physical and spiritual healing in preparation for receiving the Torah on the Festival of Shavuot (May 26-28). At Sinai all Israel were converts. More important than rabbinical certification is that each one, whether Jewish, non-Jewish, a convert, Baal Teshuvah (Jewish "penitent") or other should first and foremost seek favor in G-d's eyes.
Posted April 22, 2012

Countdown to Sinai: The Omer Count
Take advantage of the great spiritual power available in each of the fifty days from Pesach until Shavuot. This is a time of healing and personal growth and development, which are themselves part of Receiving the Torah. The Oral Torah cannot be separated from the Written Torah (TaNaKh).
Posted April 15, 2012

When and where is the redemption?
The "wise son" and the "wicked son" of the Pesasch Haggadah: two opposite attitudes to acceptance of the Torah. Only the inner redemption -- your and my personal freedom -- can lead to the collective redemption.
Posted April 1, 2012

Quick! Bake the Matzos!!!
Rejoice with trembling; responding to the worldwide waves of hatred with whole-hearted embrace of the mitzvot, exemplified by the Pesach matzot.
Posted March 25, 2012

Wellsprings of yearning Part II
Likutey Moharan I:31
Posted Sunday 19 February

Wellsprings of yearning Part I
Likutey Moharan I:31
Posted Sunday 12 February

Torah Spring
Recalling the Exodus, crossing the Red Sea and Manna
Grass Roots Peace Process Kabbalah roots of the path of seeking the good points
Posted Sunday 29 January

Learning to reprove ourselves
Fast of 10 Tevet; media demonization of Torah believers in Israel; steering clear of conflict and learning to correct ourselves
Posted Sunday 1 January 2012

The Sevenfold Ana Bekoah 5m
Avraham ben Yaakov singing the ancient kabbalistic prayer of R. Nechunia Ben Hakoneh after lighting the 8th night of Chanukah lights
Posted Wednesday 28 December '11

Blast the Shofar of Emunah Part VIII
Rabbi Nachman on Faith: Likutey Moharan II, 5

Posted Sunday 25 December 2011

Blast the Shofar of Emunah Part VII
Rabbi Nachman on Faith: Likutey Moharan II, 5
Posted Sunday 18 December 2011

Blast the Shofar of Emunah Part VI
Rabbi Nachman on Faith: Likutey Moharan II, 5
Posted Sunday 11 December 2011

Blast the Shofar of Emunah Part V
Rabbi Nachman on Faith: Likutey Moharan II, 5

Posted Sunday 4 December 2011

Blast the Shofar of Emunah Part IV
Rabbi Nachman on Faith: Likutey Moharan II, 5

Posted Sunday 27 November 2011

Blast the Shofar of Emunah Part III
Rabbi Nachman on Faith: Likutey Moharan II, 5

Posted Sunday 20 November 2011
Related textual aid: Rabbi Nachman on Faith

Blast the Shofar of Emunah Part II
Rabbi Nachman on Faith: Likutey Moharan II, 5
Posted Sunday 13 November 2011
Related textual aid: Rabbi Nachman on Faith

Blast the Shofar of Emunah Part I
Rabbi Nachman on Faith: Likutey Moharan II, 5
Posted Sunday 6 November 2011
Related textual aid: Rabbi Nachman on Faith

Surviving the Flood
Lessons for today from the story of Noah and his sons

Posted Sunday 30 October 2011
Related MP3 class:
The radiant light of Truth: Tsohar (Likutey Moharan I:112): 28m

The Path from Succot to Chanukah
Posted Sunday 23 October 2011

Rabbi Nachman's 201st Yahrzeit
4th day of Succot 5772

With Torah and teachings & melodies from Reb Avraham Greenbaum

Posted Sunday 16 October 2011

In the Shade of Faith: The Succah
The Word of G-d, the Hand of G-d, Prophecy, the embodiment of G-d's light in the Succah and the Four Kinds
Posted Sunday 9 October 2011

Time to do for God
The quest for the Lost Princess Part VIII

Posted Sunday 2 October 2011

Time to do for God
The quest for the Lost Princess Part VII

Posted Sunday 25 September 2011

Time to do for God
The quest for the Lost Princess Part VI

Posted Sunday 18 September 2011

Time to do for God
The quest for the Lost Princess Part V
With discussion of 9/11 and its aftermath
Posted Sunday 11 September 2011

Time to do for God
The quest for the Lost Princess Part IV
Posted Sunday 4 September 2011

Time to do for God
The quest for the Lost Princess Part III
Posted Sunday 28 August 2011

Finding the Lost Princess Part II:
Why Rebbe Nachman told stories
Posted Sunday 21 August 2011

Finding the Lost Princess Part I:
Why Rebbe Nachman told stories
Posted Sunday 14 August 2011

Since each millennium is one "day" in G-d's eyes, on 1 Av 5771 (1 August '11) we will reach 12:30 p.m. on "Friday afternoon" of the 6th millennium, when the spirit of the coming messianic Shabbat starts to be felt.
Posted Sunday 24 July 2011

Messianic Lifestyle
Posted Sunday 12 June 2011

Standing at Sinai: On the threshold of Shavuot 1h14m
Posted Sunday 5 June 2011

Lag BaOmer Live: The Word of HaShem & The Tzaddik
The inner chain of the True Tzaddikim: Rabbi Nachman as a latter day embodiment of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, teaching us how to recognize our true teacher
Posted Sunday 22 May 2011

In the shade of faith: finding the Tzaddik of our time
Understanding the importance for our age of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, author of the Zohar, whose Yahrzeit will be on Lag BaOmer (May 15)
Posted Sunday 15 May 2011

The General Remedy
Rabbi Nachman's Tikkun HaKlali
The Ten Psalms chanted in Hebrew to the melodies of Rabbi Nachman
Study aids:
What is the Tikkun HaKlali
English translation of the Ten Psalms
English transliteration of the Hebrew text

CLICK HERE to listen to the full class on Rabbi Nachman's Tikkun HaKlali
Posted Sunday 10 April 2011


Niguney Gan Eden
Chassidic Meditation Melodies

Lecha Dodi
Me-eyn Olam Haba
Binu Bo-arim
Yambah Dance Melody
Rabbi Nacham's Chupah Melody
Ke-ayol Taarog
Adon Olam

Stories of our Sages
Everything is for the best
This too is for good
The boy and the king
Respect for all
The Golden Table
The Shabbat Cow
Uninterrrupted prayer
The Herb of Life
The Fox and the Wolf David son of Yisha

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