The Alphabet That Changed the World

Author Stan Tenen shows how each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is both a hand gesture and a concept whose function matches the form of the gesture. At this level Hebrew forms a natural universal language, since all people, including children before they speak, make natural use of these gestures.

Geometric metaphor is the best framework for understanding the deeper meaning of the Bible text. Such geometry models embryonic growth and self-organization and the core of many healing and meditative practices. Many subjects in contemporary science were derived from the methods and means available to the ancients.

The Book Reviews Meru Foundation


The Sanhedrin Official website Texts, commentary, classes and other resources

Chabad Judaism, Torah and Jewish Info

Web Yeshiva Learn Torah and Talmud online through live real-time and archived audio/video classes using cutting-edge technology to facilitate connecting with excellent teachers and fellow students. Read the Web Yeshiva blog here.

Partners In Torah Learn ANY Jewish subject with your own private teacher for 30–45 minutes a week, over-the-phone… for FREE! You pick the topic, time, & place! We hand-select a teacher for you!

The Future Temple Computer-generated views of the Third Temple as prophesied by Ezekiel referencing the relevant biblical verses


Midreshet B'erot Bat Ayin, "Wellsprings of Jewish Learning" is a midrasha for Jewish women and conversion candidates who seek to delve deeply into their soul through intensive textual study and creative expression. B'erot integrates expansive renewal with sincere commitment to Judaism, all within the parameters of Halacha.

BRESLOV Vast archive of audio and video classes by Rabbi Nasan Maimon presenting Rabbi Nachman's Likutey Moharan with line by line translation and clear, insightful commentary as well as major sections of Likutey Halachot in which the Rebbe's leading disciple Rabbi Nathan applies the teachings of Likutey Moharan to all areas of Torah law and tradition.

Judaism with Heart Site of the Breslov Research Institute, publishers of authoritative translations and commentaries on the works of Rebbe Nachman

Breslov World This site ignites Jewish souls throughout the world with resources on all aspects of Breslover Chassidus and Torah spirituality links to a variety of sites on Rebbe Nachman and Breslov Chassidus

Lazer Beams The daily web journal of Rabbi Lazer Brody, affectionately known as "Rabbi Rambo" for his past in Israel's Special Forces, looking at the world from a Breslover point of view


Kabbalah Online Beautifully-presented Information, authoritative texts and and commentary for beginners and advanced students

Neirot Foundation Teachings on Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism



Conversion Mentorship program to aid prospective converts to Judaism

• & NOAHIDE PATHWAY Pathways of Torah study for people of all backgrounds, with abundant resources and links to a variety of rabbis and teachers.

Shuvoo A website for Jews and Gentiles looking to the foundation of faith for all nations of the world, the Noahide Commandments and the Torah given by G-d to Moses - the most complete revelation of G-d in this world.

Wikinoah Online Encyclopedia about the Noahide movement created by observant Noahides and Jews

Noahide Nations Teachings on the Seven Universal Commandments; classes & communitiy resources Bney Noah site

Can gentiles study the Torah?


Emunah Therapy keeps you happy all the time! This blog challenges secular approaches to psychotherapy by highlighting the advantages of emuna-based approaches to emotional healing.

Judaic Healing Therapies uses Judaic and Hypnosis Healing Therapies to help people experiencing illness and suffering become more pro-active in their healing

Healing Notes Helping people connect with their souls using music, energy and other modalities

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