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The Baal Shem Tov explained: Why is the Kabbalistic wisdom called the Hidden Wisdom??? Works on the Kabbalah are readily available! If a person is capable of understanding the Talmud and law codes, he will be able to understand the Kabbalah, while if he can't understand the Talmud and law codes, he won't be able to understand the Kabbalah. Then why is it called the Hidden Wisdom???

The reason is that the entire Kabbalah is built on two foundations, which are both hidden. The two hidden foundations of the Kabbalah are Fear of Heaven, and Love of God. These two are hidden in man's heart - for no-one can tell by looking at a person from the outside if he truly fears and loves God. It is because these two hidden traits of fear and love are the foundation of the entire Kabbalah that it is called the Hidden Wisdom.

Keter Shem Tov

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25 Questions & Answers about the Kabbalah
Clarifying the truth and dispelling the myths about the most ancient system of wisdom in the world.

Kabbalah Timeline
Graphic spreadsheet explaining world history from the Torah perspective.
"The world will last for six thousand years: two thousand years of desolation, two thousand years of Torah, and two thousand years of the days of Mashiach" (Sanhedrin 97a).

Chart of Ten Sefirot
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Where to Start: 10 Best Books
Personal recommendations
by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum

Secrets of the Future Temple
Read the free unabridged online version of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto's Kabbalistic masterpiece on Ezekiel's vision of the Third Temple.

"The Temple is the center point where all the branches of the Tree of Life connect with their roots, channeling a flow of sustenance and blessing to the entire world."

138 Openings of Wisdom
Comprehensive online course on kabbalah for the serious student providing a clear, deep and profound explanation of the entire kabbalistic system and its terminology.

"After all the wisdom, you must throw wisdom and sophistication aside and serve God sincerely with complete simplicity, with no sophistication whatever. The greatest wisdom of all is not to be wise at all"

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

The print edition of
138 Openings of Wisdom
by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto

138 Openings of Wisdom

Translated by
Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum

Considered by leading scholars to be the classic exposition of the kabbalistic system, providing the student with all the concepts and understandings necessary in order to navigate and find meaning in the Zohar, the writings of the ARI and other kabbalistic literature.

512 pages HARDCOVER
Size 23.5 x 17 cm.
Classic gold-stamped tooled imitation leather binding

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Mishkney Elyon
by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto ("Ramchal")
Translated by Avraham Greenbaum

The inner meaning and purpose of the Future Temple are explained in full in Mishkney Elyon, a priceless jewel from the legacy of towering 18th century mystical genius Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato ("Ramchal",

The Temple is the center point where all the branches of the Tree of Life connect with their roots, channeling a flow of sustenance and blessing to the entire world.

Includes overview, diagrams of Temple and Altar and other study aids

ISBN 965-90120-1-2 Size: 23 x 17cm. 160 pages

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