A campaign by parents, rabbis, doctors and teachers promoting healthy lifestyle
among Jewish children and teenagers
in Israel and the Diaspora
through innovative healthcare education

The first principle of Jewish healing is that prevention is best. Safeguarding health is a mitzva -- the one on which all others depend: "Take very great care of yourself" (Deuteronomy 4:15). Yet healthcare education is widely neglected in our communities, with alarming consequences.

A World Health Organization study of youth in 27 countries in Europe and N. America found Israeli children to be bottom of the list in many unhealthy behaviors. See the findings.

A Harvard-trained pediatrician with over 20 years clinical experience in Jerusalem foresees "an explosion of morbidity and mortality" because of obesity, lack of exercise and smoking (Dr. Geoffrey Greenfield). Hear the interview in RealAudio.

Brooklyn study finds bone mineral density among haredi teenagers significantly lower than in other sectors. Read about the study and the concern it's causing in Israel.

Teen Health Forum by New York's Maimonides Medical Center and Bikur Cholim of Borough Park calls for urgent collaboration between community, school and family to promote healthy lifestyle because of the "crisis in the physical and emotional health of our youth." Read Forum addresses.


Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, Director of the Azamra Institute and author of "Wings of the Sun: the Jewish Healing Tradition in Theory & Practice"

Rabbi Yosef Sholem Elyashiv
Rabbi Yaakov Meir Shechter

Rabbi Chaim Walkin, Dean of Students, Yeshiva Ateret Israel, Bayit Vegan,
Rabbi Gamliel Bettelman, founder/head teacher, Talmud Torah Hadar Tzion, Jerusalem

Shimon Matthews MD, Director, Chinese Medical Research Unit, Department of Holistic Medicine, Shaarey Tzedek Hospital, Jerusalem

Geoffrey Greenfield MD, Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics in practice of pediatrics in Jerusalem

In response to the urgent need for more healthcare education in our communities, AZAMRA is distributing two revolutionary new books providing the unique Torah perspective on preventive healthcare education for children and teenagers.

For young people and students:
Torah-friendly tips on keeping healthy, including diet, exercise, hygiene, sleep, care of eyes and ears and more

"Very important work. All Bney Torah should practice what is written here!" - Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, Rosh Yeshivas Maalos HaTorah

More about the Hebrew printed version

"Yashar ko'ach on this blessed initiative. The healthcare guidance is reliable and fully consistent with the Torah view and contemporary medical science." - Professor Avraham Steinberg, Professor of Child Neurology, Editor of Encyclopedia of Refuah & Halachah

Read "Total Fitness" in English Online

For parents and educators:
How to teach healthcare to children at different ages

"Done beautifully in good taste and with wisdom." - HaRav Ovadia Yosef, Rishon LeTzion

"The books deserve a place in every Jewish home and every Torah educational institution" - Dr. Geoffrey Greenfield, Pediatrician, Jerusalem

More about the Hebrew printed version

Read "A Healthy Future" in English Online

1 Contemporary Health Hazards:
Why preventive healthcare is more vital today than ever before

2 Guard yourself!
The mitzva of caring for body and soul

3 Teaching our Children

4 Modeh Ani
Understanding and Appreciating of the Body

5 Cleanliness and Hygiene

6 Danger! Take Care!

7 Food and Diet

8 Physical Activity and Exercise

9 Sleep, rest and relaxation

10 The Joy of Living


AZAMRA is mailing thousands of schools, Talmud Torahs and Yeshivas throughout Israel. Those catering for younger children are being invited to distribute promotional flyers and order forms for the new books to the parents of all pupils. Yeshiva and high school students are offered the students' pocket healthcare guide at special rates. Short questionnaires to educators, parents and students are being used to help gauge the impact of the materials and determine future promotional strategy.

We seek to make quality healthcare educational materials available to parents and students as widely as possible throughout Israel in spite of the current severe economic hardship caused by the security situation.

We appeal for SPONSORS to subsidize printings of these important books for distribution at reduced prices to parents and students in the poorest sectors and in schools, synagogues, medical clinics etc. Versions in English, Russian, French and Spanish are planned in the near future for use in Diaspora communities.

Other Useful Sites by the Nemours Foundation provides valuable healthcare resources for parents, children and teenagers.

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