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Torah guidance on preventive healthcare and spiritual healing

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A Call to Live: Torah guidance on healing
Preventive healthcare education for young people
Parents and teachers' handbook
Wings of the Sun: In-depth study of the Torah Path of Healing
Can we find meaning in suffering
Shrink or Rebbe?


A campaign by parents, rabbis, doctors and teachers promoting healthy lifestyle
among Jewish children and teenagers
in Israel and the Diaspora
through innovative healthcare education



Torah Guidance on Healing

FREE on-line book for those facing serious illness and those who care for them

"Behind the distress and frustration of illness lies a deeper message. It is a call to live! There is no more effective way to encourage the healing process than by deciding to live life to the full extent that you can now. Making this decision is one of the most important steps you will take to recovery."

Chapter 1: A Call to Live
Chapter 2: The Secret of Health and Healing
Chapter 3: Where in the world am I
Chapter 4: The Three Points of Empowerment
Chapter 5: Hisbodedus: Time for Yourself
Chapter 6: Care of Your Body
Chapter 7: The Healing Process

"A beautiful book of eternal wisdom and truth.
It will inspire people to actually heal their lives."
Bernie Siegel MD

"A Call to Live" in Portuguese
Torá, Cura, Sabedoria

Autor Avraham Yehoshua Greenbaum
Tradutor Gilson Sasson
Publicado por Azamra do Brasil, 2015

Preventive Healthcare
for young people

Torah-friendly tips on keeping healthy, including diet, exercise, hygiene, sleep, care of eyes and ears and more


"Yashar ko'ach on this blessed initiative. The healthcare guidance is reliable and fully consistent with the Torah view and contemporary medical science."

Professor Avraham Steinberg,
Professor of Child Neurology,
Editor of Encyclopedia of Refuah & Halachah

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"Very important work. All Bney Torah should practice what is written here!"

Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach
Rosh Yeshivas Maalos HaTorah

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For parents and educators:

How to teach healthcare to children at different ages

"Done beautifully in good taste and with wisdom."

HaRav Ovadia Yosef
Rishon LeTzion

"The books deserve a place in every Jewish home and every Torah educational institution"

Dr. Geoffrey Greenfield, Pediatrician, Jerusalem

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1 Contemporary Health Hazards:
Why preventive healthcare is more vital today than ever before

2 Guard yourself!
The mitzva of caring for body and soul

3 Teaching our Children

4 Modeh Ani
Understanding and Appreciating of the Body

5 Cleanliness and Hygiene

6 Danger! Take Care!

7 Food and Diet

8 Physical Activity and Exercise

9 Sleep, rest and relaxation

10 Joy of Living

The Torah Path of Healing

Traditional Jewish Healing in Theory and Practice
by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum

Free unabridged online version

WINGS OF THE SUN is a clear, informative study of Torah teachings on healing, providing sound yet easily understood explanations of profound kabbalistic concepts together with a wealth of practical guidance for those facing illness or caring for the sick.

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Can we find meaning in suffering
Articles by Reb Avraham Greenbaum

A Matter of Faith

Torah View of Suffering

Shrink or Rebbe?
MP3 lecture by Reb Avraham Greenbaum
The roots of modern secular psychotherapy can be traced to the ancient Torah pathway of confession to a Tzaddik (the Sage). As we advance into an uncertain future, therapists should reconsider contemporary assumptions about mental health care and apply teachings of Chassidut in order to enhance the service they provide to their clients.
Lecture given on 26 Marcheshvan 5770 / 13 Nov '09 at Toronto Lodzer Centre under the auspices of the
Jewish Health Alliance of Canada
Hear/download the lecture 56:07 minutes

Books from AZAMRA
on Jewish Healing

Wings of the Sun: The Jewish Healing Tradition in theory and practice
by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum
23.5 x 17 cm. 500 pages. Soft cover.
ISBN # 965-90120-4-7

Healing in the Bible. Kabbalah view of the human body. Healing the Soul. The ten pulse patterns and ten kinds of song. Prayer, meditation and other healing pathways. Care of the body. Recovery and rehabilitation.

This innovative study of healing teachings in the Bible, Talmud, Rambam, Kabbalah, writings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and other texts has become the authoritative contemporary work on the Jewish healing tradition and its present-day application. A must for doctors, therapists, students of healing and all who wish to explore and understand the original sources of the tradition.

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Jewish Guidance on Healing

by Avraham Greenbaum
An eloquent, inspiring work that will bring genuine comfort and fresh courage to all facing serious illness or other crises.

ISBN # 965-90120-04
21 x 13.5 cm
124 pages

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