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For more than twenty-five years, Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum has been a leading pioneer communicating Torah wisdom on faith, belief, spiritual growth, healing, preventive healthcare and environmental responsibility through a series of over twenty-five books, active Internet outreach and live teaching.

Born in London in 1949, Rabbi Greenbaum had a distinguished academic career in Latin & Greek Classics and Social Sciences at King's College Cambridge (1969-73) followed by postgraduate research as a Harkness Fellow at Harvard and Columbia (1973-5). Rabbi Greenbaum served as a BBC World Service radio producer and commentator (1975-8) and went on to produce prime time BBC Radio 4 feature programmes on the Lubavitch Movement (1979) and Rabbi Nachman (1980). He then decided to devote his skills in communication to providing the English-speaking world with access to the authentic sources of Torah spirituality.

After two years of Torah study in Yeshiva in Britain, in 1980 Rabbi Greenbaum settled with his family in Jerusalem Israel, where he established a state-of the-art audio studio producing Torah educational programs for adults and children. In the same period he embarked on his series of translations, commentaries and popular print publications on Torah thought and belief, while also continuing his studies towards rabbinic ordination, which he received from Rabbi Meir Brandsdorfer of Jerusalem's Eda Charedis in 1988.

Rabbi Greenbaum founded the Azamra Institute in 1986 with the mission of disseminating Torah teachings using the languages and media of our times. Azamra established one of the first Torah websites on the Internet (1994), www.azamra.org. This continues to be a cutting-edge site using the latest Internet broadcast and instant messaging technologies to communicate with thousands of regular users all over the world. Azamra publishes and distributes a variety of quality printed educational and inspirational works in English and Hebrew.

Rabbi Greenbaum teaches at the Azamra Institute's Tiferet Study Center in Jerusalem's Geulah district. He also teaches regularly on tour in locations all over Israel, Britain, U.S.A. and Canada, entrancing audiences with clear, comprehensible explanations of the deepest Torah concepts together with accomplished vocal performance of Chassidic melodies with his own guitar and piano accompaniment.

Books by Rabbi Greenbaum

Rabbi Greenbaum's first Torah publication was Restore My Soul (Breslov Yeshiva, Jerusalem 1980), an inspiring collection of Rabbi Nachman's teachings on hope and courage that has run to hundreds of thousands of copies. This was followed by Rabbi Nachman's Advice (Breslov Research Institute, 1983), the first ever English translation of a complete volume of the substantive Torah teachings of this outstanding Chassidic luminary.

Numerous other subsequent translations of Breslov writings by Rabbi Greenbaum are available from the Breslov Research Institute, including: AzamraAyehTsoharRabbi Nachman's TikkunTzaddik: A Portrait of Rabbi NachmanTefilin: A Chassidic DiscourseGarden of the Souls: Rabbi Nachman on SufferingThe Sweetest Hour: Tikkun ChatzotThe Fiftieth Gate: Likutey Tefilot Volume 1 and Volume 2.

In response to growing public interest in Meditation and Self Help techniques Rabbi Greenbaum wrote Under the Table and How to Get Up: Jewish Spiritual Pathways (Azamra, 1991). Based on a highly amusing Chassidic parable, this has become a Jewish best-seller that remains in high demand and has been translated into French, Spanish and Hebrew.

Rabbi Greenbaum's landmark study of the Jewish Healing Tradition, The Wings of the Sun (1995) has been acclaimed all over the world by rabbis and scholars as well as leading Jewish medical doctors, therapists and alternative practitioners. This and related works, such as A Call to Live, have helped and inspired innumerable readers facing severe illness and other life crises.

In response to approaches from members of the Jewish medical and healing communities, Rabbi Greenbaum launched Health for our Children , an international campaign promoting preventive healthcare education among Jewish children and teenagers in Israel and Diaspora communities. With approbations from Israel 's leading rabbinic authorities Rabbi Greenbaum has written a practical manual for students on preventive healthcare and a guidebook for parents and teachers on how to teach it to children at different ages.

Rabbi Greenbaum's Internet book, The House on the Mountain (1997), is a step-by-step course on Torah teachings about nature, the environment and mankind's responsibility for the welfare of the earth.

In response to the ongoing international discussions about the status of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount , Rabbi Greenbaum published Secrets of the Future Temple (1999), a translation and full overview of Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto's Kabbalistic classic explaining Ezekiel's prophecy of the Third Temple and its significance for the entire world.

138 Openings of Wisdom (2005) is a translation of Luzzatto's comprehensive depth explanation of the Kabbalistic system.

The Essential Rabbi Nachman (2007) is a rich treasury of his inspiring sayings and profound teachings on all aspects of life with a wide selection of his beautiful, witty and profoundly deep tales and parables. The original Hebrew sources are available in Mivtzar HaMargaliot, "The Castle of Pearls", published in 2010 to mark R. Nachman's bicentennial yahrzeit.

Rabbi Greenbaum has also written the Know Your Bible series (2007), an Internet-archived chapter by chapter commentary on the books of the Prophets and Holy Writings ("NaCh").

Cumulative List of Publications
by Rabbi Greenbaum

Rabbi Nachman's Chassidut

Restore My Soul (Breslov Yeshiva, Jerusalem 1980)
Rabbi Nachman's Advice (Breslov Research Institute 1983)
Azamra Finding the Good Points (BRI 1984)
Ayeh? Where is G-d? (BRI 1984)
Rabbi Nachman's Tikkun The General Remedy (BRI 1984)
Tzohar Finding Truth (BRI 1985)
Tzaddik Biographical portrait of Rabbi Nachman (BRI 1987)
A Discourse on Tefilin (BRI 1989)
Seven Pillars of Faith (BRI 1989)
Garden of the Souls Rabbi Nachman on Suffering (BRI 1990)
The Fiftieth Gate Prayers of Rabbi Nathan Vol. 1 (BRI 1992)
Through Fire & Water The Life of Rabbi Nathan by Rabbi Chaim Kramer, edited by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum (BRI 1992)
The Fiftieth Gate Prayers of Rabbi Nathan Vol. 2 (BRI 1993)
The Sweetest Hour The Midnight Prayer (BRI 1993)
The Essential Rabbi Nachman A comprehensive treasury of his teachings, sayings, parables and stories (Azamra 2007)

Self-help and Spiritual Growth

Under the Table and How to Get Up
Jewish Spiritual Pathways (Azamra 1991)

Healthcare and Healing

The Wings of the Sun The Jewish Healing Tradition (Azamra 1995)
A Call to Live Jewish Teachings on Healing (Azamra 1996)
A Joyous Heart Torah Healing Wisdom (Azamra 2000)
Hemshech Barie: A Healthy Future Guide for parents and teachers on teaching preventive healthcare to children) (Azamra 2003)
Shemirat HaGuf VeHanefesh: Guarding Body and Soul Preventive healthcare manual for students) (Azamra 2003)
Kriyah LeChayim expanded Hebrew language version of "A Call to Live" (Azamra 2003)


The House on the Mountain Torah Teachings on Nature and the Environment (Azamra Internet publication 1997)


Secrets of the Future Temple by Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto (Azamra 1999) 138 Openings of Wisdom Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto's exposition of the Kabbalistic system (Azamra 2005)

Bible Commentary

Know Your Bible Chapter by chapter commentary on the books of the Prophets and Holy Writings ("NaCh") (Azamra Internet publication 2007


The King Who Came Back A children's story (Feldheim 1984)


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