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Inspiration / Spiritual Growth / Chassidut / Mysticism

"The Castle of Pearls"
Rabbi Nachman used to say…

Hebrew version of The Essential Rabbi Nachman

by Avraham Greenbaum

"You must search for a mountain of gold and
a castle of pearls there you will find me!

This elegant Hebrew-language volume collects Rabbi Nachman's most inspiring sayings and profound teachings on all aspects of life together with a generous selection of his artlessly beautiful, witty and profoundly deep tales and parables. These are among the most priceless jewels of the Jewish heritage and have universal application to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. All the selections are from the Hebrew original sources in order for Rabbi Nachman to speak to each one of us softly, clearly and directly, heart to heart.

480 pages 22x14.5 cm soft cover

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